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I am a crying queen, 2 1/2 years in and I still have a good cry from time to time x x

(I think my SAH brought forward some previous things that happened in my life)

You are not alone Brenda and I hope you are well x x




(You are normal its the others out there hehe:lol:)

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Hi Brenda

I cry far more often now as well at the min the slightest thing can set me off :roll:. Worst time was when i was sitting watching tv and the RSPCA advert can on i ust sat and cried my heart out :crazy:. As everyone said it gets better in time im not just as bad as i was but dont hold it in and talk to people if you need to.

take care Donna

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Hi there! I'm sorry to hear what you've been through. I seem to be in the minority: I was very emotional before the SAH, cried at everything and anything. Since, though, I've hardly shed a tear! I seem to have become very hard-hearted! I'm sure that anything is "normal" - we all react differently. Good luck on your recovery :)

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