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    Meeting new people x
    Spending time with my family x


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    I am 33 years old and when my health dont stop me I like to live my life x x x x to the full x x
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    nottinghamshire..SAH april 08 coiled...also collapsed lungxx
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    walking and spending time with my family....
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    Land Lady In Nottinghamshire
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  1. April, I cannot say how long it is until you can fly, Like Penny has said but what I do know is it took me 5 years to get my nerves under control before I flew again.... When I did I loved it x x Think I felt better than others hehe.... My ears were fine and my HEAD lol which for some reason I thought would explode from pressure ( mind the expression) .. But please speak to the doctor on Friday, Each one of us are different x x x ALL special but different hehe Lots Love Donna xxxxxxx
  2. Hi Glynn, Welcome to the family x x x look forward to hear more from you x x oh and fellow Nottingham here x x I live in moorgreen near Eastwood x x donna xxxxx
  3. Hi Leanne, I would say it is normal to want to be on your own x x its hard not not to shut yourself away BUT for you you need to get out and about even if only round the block then back home x x x fresh air was my miracle cure and still nearly 6 years down the line it helps me loads x x x Like Tina I also had counseling x3 times and it helped me loads to talk to others who do not know you is a blessing x x I used to feel I was always putting on family x x x I lost all my so called friends and must admit I do still struggle with trust due to friends abandoning me when I needed them x x x at BTG they are an amazing family and without them I would be lost x x we are all here to talk and help and understand each other x x x Love and HUgs to you Donna xxxxx
  4. Hi, I don't read to much into different types of sah strokes but I know there are many..........I worry to much so the least I know the better hehe that's what my doctor says x x your hubby sounds like he is doing well ....small steps and one at a time x x recovery is/can be a long road x x I know having my hubby by my side and all of Btg has been my greatest help to where I am today x x x sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes x x x love Donna x
  5. Hi Susan welcome to the family x x x everyone's recovery is different but you always find someone who can help you here x x x any questions please ask x x x look forward to hearing more from you love donna xxxxx
  6. Hi Kelly, what an ordeal you been through x x x i have the headaches and feel sick most days with dizziness too x x x hope that's the end of hem for you. So scary when we are poorly x x I am not a good patient x x lots love Donna
  7. Hi Amy, i am 5 year post sah and have no support apart from on here by all these fab people x x when I left hospital I was told to just get on with my life and that was it x x leading me to panic attacks and depression by the unknown and still am at that stage x x i think more support when leaving hospital is very important x x I even offered to go to my hospital to speak to other survivors but they said no x x x i really hope you manage to find further support for sah survivors x x love donna xxxxxx
  8. Hi marg, i am nearly 5 years in after my sah and have problems with my ears x x x crackling and funny noises x x x but docs say they are fine x x i am a massive sufferer for panic attacks x x x they are less now but I still get them x x I like Karen still suffer with anxiety and meds do help but at the moment I am going through a rough time with dizziness and nausea and have been referred to a councillor for support this will be my 3rd time x x x if there is anything I need to ask I do x x my doctors and on here there is always someone who can calm me down x x x if you have questions please ask x x x love donna xxxxxx
  9. Thank you all, I do listen to all your advice x x i have seen a consultant for sleep problems and the tests have come back fine x. So another thing ruled out x x i am due to see doctor on Friday to discuss results and I will mention my ears Sami because they do cause me problems x x i have a virus at the moment so not helping me at all x x on antibiotics so making me feel sick x x I keep pushing myself its hard at times and I think it is this that gets me down x x get fed up of feeling like it x x x but thank you so much guys for your advice x x x you are all very special to me x x x love donna
  10. Danny welcome to the family x i look forward to hearing more from you x x x zany questions please ask x we are all here to help x x donna
  11. Thank you guys I am overwhelmed with the advice and help x x I am normally a bubbly person and used to be the life of the party x x I don't know if this dizziness is something I have to live with or not x x I am seeing a sleep consultant on Thursday has hey feel it could be related to that so will see if any outcome and will keep you all updated x x this virus I have at he moment is playing havoc on my head at the moment x x x I should be working tomorrow so I think. Am going to try and push myself and see how I go after 3 days on sofa x x coughing and ear ache x x I really aim to go abroad this year and when I have had m MRI and results I am going to book x x my biggest fear that I will feel worse with my dizziness and be sick and panic x x x x but I want to take my 6 year old on a plane and watch him in the pool x x x whos flown at all and how long was flight x x x thanks again donna Keith I don't seem to be able to find the info you sent me last time x x do u have more copies ???
  12. Happy 1st anni. Versary x x hope your feeling better very soon x x
  13. Hello all I seem to be on a negative spiral at the moment and I have been referred back for some councilling (this will be my third time) I am 5 years since sah in April and every day still is a task for me x x I have headaches, dizzyness everyday and cry alot I spend every other week at the doctors with the above and normally end up crying in surgery x x I have tried every med and they put it all down to ANXIETY (which yes I do suffer alot from) but mostly brought on by the above feelings x x Does anyone else suffer with these and the fear of it being something going off in my head x x I am due my MRI in April and even though I hate them (clostraphobic) ? spelling I keep telling myself that if I get the all clear from this then I WILL go abroad and live my life I am fed up with everyday being a chore and think my family have had enough to x x I have no close friends to talk to and close family have their own personnel issues x x If there is anyone out there struggling please feel free to message me x x I really dont think we are alone x x I am also poorly at the moment with a virus so my whole head is hurting x x x ONE DAY I WILL WAKE UP AND BE OK X X Sorry to be on a downer x x no one else to talk to x x x lots love donna xxxxx
  14. Hello Fern, I am awaiting my scan for april this year and am scared they will find something because i had a remenant on my aneurysm x x So I understand a bit x x x All I can say is like you x x x I wouldn't be able to live with the fact that it could burst at anytime (i am a massive worrier) and like you I would opt for treatment x x x I search the web many times to try and find answers of why and curse but what I have found is we are all different and so are all cases x x x I am sure that there are people on here that have gone through what you are x x x Big hugs to you hun and stay positive x x lots luv donna we are all here for each other x x
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