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Just another question!!!! Do you or did you have any palpitations since your SAH. I had a few when i came home just around tea time, but they soon went away. I have had a few this week and today i had then all morning so i called into the Doc's who saw me straight away, he said he would do a ECG if they contiued . I also had a PE (blood clot in the lung) 2 weeks after the SAH and im on medi's for that warfarin, so it could be that. Any clues would e good:-D

Take care , Thanks Rhiann xx

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I hope I'm not breaking the rules here (If so I apologise!) -

I can offer actual proper advice on this subject.

Quite apart from my brain going pop a little while back, I've been a heart patient since I was born - hole in the heart at birth, all fixed up now though.

Palpitations are not too much to worry about - as long as your GP is happy.

A quick tip to help the palpitations go away: breath sort of shallow but slowly and regularly and also strain a bit like you do when going to the loo - sounds terrible but it does work and calms your beating heart!

Main thing of course is to do EXACTLY as your consultants/GP tell you to and you'll be OK.

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