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eyes and vision

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hi everyone, ive not been on this forum long ,im still quiet new ,in brief 2 annies ,1 ruptured,both coiled in may 2010, headaches im use to ,even being tired and feeling sick ,i dont know about anyone else but as anyone had aching eyes, my annies were middle front of forehead and to the side of my head, my eyes seem to ache and then when i rub them and its my left eye mainly but it seems fuzzy for a few seconds then my vision goes back to normal , but it is actually like a swarm of bees, only a small swarm ,i havent got black dots everywhere, just fuzzy , is this normal for us. im going for a eye test on thursday, to see if he can shed some light on it.

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Hi Bay. In the earlier days, I did have pain behind my eyes and also left side of face down to cheek and jaw. I still get blurry vision occasionally, after I've been using eyes a lot - driving, reading, any thing that requires a lot of concentration. Had my eyes checked w/opthamologist and he says everything looks good. Optic nerves are fine. So just stress and multitasking is tiring on my eyes. I do get floaters often, which can be annoying. Always good to get your eyes checked after what you've been through! Good luck to you


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Hi Bay,

Yes, I've had problems with my right eye in particular, as had a third nerve palsy to it. I still go through periods of aching around/in the eyeball .... however, it has got a lot better. It's good that you're getting yourself checked out though, which is the right thing to do.

I often wake up with very dry and blurry vision, but find that normal moisturising eye drops can help to cool and soothe the eyes first thing in the morning. If your problem persists after the eye test, then go see your Doctor and hopefully they will be able to help. Wishing you luck! xx

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