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First of all Happy New Year to everyone.

Hubby had his appointment early December with the consultant. I got them to explain to Mark what had actually happened instead of "your scans are clear".

He had a substantive bleed which they were 100% sure Mark had, had an aneurysm that's why they did so many test, they are not sure whether Mark had a small aneurysm which sealed itself but the are going to give him an MRI to totally rule it out.

Mark asked about his headaches, memory and temper and they just said this is normal your alive get used to it.

Mark has calmed down a bit but still a long way to go.

Diane :smile1:

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Hi Diane

Happy New Year to you too.

Sounds a bit of a mixed bag of results for you both but hopefully the MRI will give you better information. It's not really enough to just say "we're alive get on with it" is it! Both the SAH survivor and their famillies need support to get through this!

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