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Hi Donna,

I claimed ESA immediately after having my SAH. They agreed it. It was done over the phone and my first payment came quickly.They have since sent me for two medical assessments, and after the second, said I no longer qualified and stopped the payments from that date. I appealed straight away (last june) and am still waiting for the hearing now 8 months later. Will let you know when I eventually hear from them.

Sally xx

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You are encouraged to make your initial claim for ESA by telephoning Jobcentre Plus on: 0800 055 6688. I don’t know whether this is the same number for Northern Ireland, but your local Jobcentre will know.

They will send you a statement about your claim which you must check, but you do not have to sign it or return it. You will have to gather any further evidence required, usually a valid medical certificate. Upon Social Security receiving the correct documentation from you, your first payment will arrive in around a week or so. You will be paid fortnightly. I think the initial rate is @ £132 pw.

You will have to send regular medical certificates to Social Security as and when they ask.

During the first 13 weeks after you claim, you will be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire called ESA50. You must return it to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) within six weeks.

Thereafter, you will be called for a medical examination with a government doctor.

Different things can happen at this stage and it is difficult for me to list all the variables, some of which may not happen anyway.

Whatever the outcome at this stage, let me know and I’ll talk you though the various steps.

Remember that there are other benefits you may be able to claim alongside ESA.

You can apply to your Local Authority for Housing Benefit to help with rent, or Council Tax Benefit.

If you have a mortgage, you can apply to the DWP for help to pay the mortgage, although it may not cover the whole amount. The form you need is MI 12 and is obtained from the Job Centre.

I do not know much about your recovery and so I am unsure as to whether you may qualify for Disability Living Allowance, but someone at Welfare Rights or the Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to help you with this.

Take care,


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Hi Lynne i have got as far as receving the form to check back and have sent them my medical sick lines this was all done Start of december but they still have said or done nothing i hate ringing companies or even writing posts atthe min as i cant ever get the words im looking for :frown:

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How long did it take to get your ESA Claim through or even medical acessment or havin been turned down etc etc :roll::oops:[/quote

hi donna,i to sent off for esa when my sick pay ran out,they phoned me, i completed everything over the phone, then i was phoned a couple a wks later and was told i wasnt entitled but i dont know whether they said it was because there was more than £100 coming in the house each wk or that i hadnt paid enough NI contributions ,i cant remember which one they said but i know they said sumit like that cause its stuck in my head. so they said disability allowance, which i dont think i can get, i havent got physical disabiltiys,i wont go anywhere on my own in or outside ,my short term memory is shocking and concentration, ie more headaches, they told me i have brain damage to the frontal lobe which cant be repaired, but when i see on tv about this disability allowance and people cant walk hardly or cant get out of bed and then they get turned down, im thinking im defo not going be entitled.

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hi donna , i sent off esa when my sick pay ran out, i did it on the internet then they phoned to fill in form,then 2 wks after they phoned to say i wasnt entitled but i cant remember if it was because of a wage of more than £100 coming in or i didnt have enough NI contributions, i kn ow its one of them ,so they told me about disability allowance, ive filled in the forms but not sent them yet the only reason being is that i see people turned down from these people who look worse than me.i can walk anywhere on a good day as long as im with someone,i went go anywhere on my own ,my memorys , my concentration is to , the dizzy spells are more know than they use to be which really knocks me sick, the consultant told me i had brain damage frontal lobe.but to look at me i look fine. so i dont know if i would get it, its making me feel anxious thinking of these tests.

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Social security dept are ridiculous!! They make you do all these physical moves but they don't ask you about your emotiional state, or your memory. When most people struggle remembering things and I would think that, to work you need to be able to know what your doing. This does not seem to matter to them and theres too many people with emotional problems after SAH not being addressed at all. It make me so sad that people are put under so much unnecesssary pressure. Hope you get sorted soon:frown:

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hi all just to let you no i got my claim through for now anyway bay i would double check on that im only 27 and im getting the type that you use national insurance contbridtions as my husband is aon a good wage on his job

happydawn i photocopy everything i send as i forget about it as soon as it goes they make you feel like a fraud when trying to claim :frown:

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