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    I worked on a clerical team at the local hospital, but retired after SAH/stroke.
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    Sauna and walking dog
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  1. Mine was December. I have heard that the are busy at certain periods of the year, but I forget to ask when
  2. Happydawn


    Hi I didn't like a lot of thing after the SAH. I hated tea and coffee. It took weeks of keep trying it before I enjoyed it again. i have never liked the taste of wine since, but it saved me some money.lol Also i like walnuts and I never liked them before, strange the little things that can change. Hope it not bothering you too much. Take care Dawn
  3. Happydawn

    New SAH

    HI Everyone is different and only go can say how you are feeling. I took months to go back to work and had lots of pain in my head and leg. It took time for this pain to go. So just take each day as it comes and your not a wimp. Take care DAwn
  4. Happydawn

    Fatigue post SAH

    I do suffer fatigue,but has got better with time. 5 years post SAH
  5. Happydawn

    Aneurysm size and how many?

    I have two also. one on left which is small and one on the right half coiled. Not sure of sizes
  6. Hope it goes well. I'm in some international study and it will be another 3 years before I go for the MRI again. It is always nerve racking as you want good results.
  7. Happydawn

    Blood Pressure

    When I have attended meetings with Consultants in Neuro, they seem to believe there is a link with b/p. I have a b/p monitor and find it good to check for myself. My GP check it every six months as recommended. I never suffered with b/p before the SAH it was always good when it was checked. My b/p was higher after the SAH and I required b/p tablets for years until know when its about back to what it was before the b/h. Hope that helps
  8. Happydawn

    Epilepsy Advice?

    Hi I know exactly how you are feeling as I went through the same thing a few years ago. I had strange headaches and then my voice would go. I went to a Neurologist as my consultant thought it was a form of epilepsy. I then went for a EEG at the hospital and was later diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy. The EEG is a cap with electrodes on it and measures your brain activities as far as I know. It doesnt hurt. It sound like you have absenses as well. Prepare yourself as you could well lose you licence for a while. You can try some of the drugs available to correct this. I'm able to drive again and I don't seem to have episodes at the moment. I don't work though and I also try to keep my stress levels in check. I hope it goes well and will be think of you Dawn
  9. Hi I have claimed a critcal illness insurance and I also work for the NHS at the time. Do you think that it would only cover me if it happened at work? Thanks Dawn:shock:
  10. Happydawn


    The problem with this condition is there is nothing visually to see and that what people go on, that you look alright. I think you get better each day and everybodies recovery is different, it depends on how bad your SAH was. These stupid tests they do have nothing to do with your emotional state and at the end of the day its' not like breaking a limb. I was advised to have the happy pills as well and I refused. I didn't get counselling either. Just enjoy every day.
  11. Well done for managing to return to work. Don't try and do too much. Take Care
  12. Happydawn

    ESA Claim

    HI Social security dept are ridiculous!! They make you do all these physical moves but they don't ask you about your emotiional state, or your memory. When most people struggle remembering things and I would think that, to work you need to be able to know what your doing. This does not seem to matter to them and theres too many people with emotional problems after SAH not being addressed at all. It make me so sad that people are put under so much unnecesssary pressure. Hope you get sorted soon:frown:
  13. It seems that finance comes in the way of your health and its like walking a tight rope at times. I do hope that you can get a balance with work and finance.I know it can be a struggle at times:frown:
  14. HI I think your right about fatigue, no-one warns you that it goes on for years to come. You can become more able as time goes by, but you still have to pace yourself as it creaps up on you. I had a headache non stop for 5 months and it took two days to realise it had gone. I only drink de-caff drinks and I rarely have headache know. Just take your time it's early days
  15. Happydawn

    A terrified husband

    I.m a SAH survivor for five years. My husband found it very difficult at the begin and I would text him regular throughout the day to reassure him I was fine. He still worries but not as much these days, but it still remains at the back of his mind. I can understand that he feels like that and maybe its a natural reaction to a terrible event. Just take one day at a time and enjoy being together. Take is a great healer. I think your wife is recovering really well.