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for those who had mri with contrast...question

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When you have an MRI with contrast do they hook up an IV or just give you a shot ? My dad said when he got his they had an IV set up but when they gave the contrast it was just a shot and not the power booster drip bag like CT scans.

Is that true ? I am supposed to go for an MRI soon and I was wondering how they give the contrast.

Also, I heard that for MRI contrast you barely even feel it like the CT scan contrast, is that true ?

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I've only had a ct with contrast not an MRI but I imagine it would be the same, just a shot rather than an IV drip. Even with the angio the contrast just makes you hot, there were some coloured lights behind my eyes when they went into the lobes of the brain but it didn't hurt at all

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Hi Surfer

I had a MRI with contrast just before Christmas. From what I remember it was a shot in my arm (I actually think it was on the back of my hand in my case as it's hard to see the veins in my arms ) before I went into the MRI room. Once I got into the scanner I kept my eyes shut all the time and didn't really get any strange sensations. I remember with my angiogram the dye seemed a lot more invasive in that I saw flashing lights etc but I had no funny sensations with the MRI.

I think you'll do ok. The only thing which phased me slightly was that I had brought a CD with me to listen to while in the scanner and when I got there the CD player was broken so I went in without any music. That unsettled me as I was looking forward to relaxing more with music on but that passed.

Hope it goes well.

Best wishes


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Yep I've had it done & like Anne it was the angio that I remember being hot/cold feeling with lights.

Though I didnt get the injection before I went in, they did the scan brought me out injected then put me in again.

So like everthing I think eveyone is different....

Honistly I'd try not to worry/think about it too much....take care

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