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Sleep problems - too much or too little?

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Reading your bedtime line-up made me smile -sounds just like me - is being awake at 4am in the morning a common thing? My sleep pattern is all over the place. I'd like to hear about others sleep problems,as I'm still pretty new at this just 8 weeks on.

Love Suexxxxx

Sue, with me, my sleep pattern is up and down. It's been this way since the SAH. I can be completely tired out during the day and I still can't get off to sleep at night. Sometimes, I can get off to sleep quickly, but I can wake up in the early hours of the morning...which can be as early as 3.30am. Mainly, it's about 5.00am. Sometimes, I've gone to bed at 10.30pm and woken up about 1.30am, thinking that it's morning and I'm as bright as a button.

It doesn't seem to make any difference as to how busy or quiet my day is...or if I've had to take a nap....which is very infrequent now, as I'm 19 months post SAH.

I also have periods of exceptionally vivid dreams and I tend to wake frequently during the night when these happen. They aren't nightmares or scary in any way, but just extremely vivid.

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As mentioned illicitly in the Green Room, the insomnia that bedevilled me pre-SAH has returned and i don't know what to do about it. I accept that part of it has to do with family issues unconnected with the SAH (although these were present when I was sleeping like the Rock of Gibraltar in December). Find I wake up at what seems like 2-hourly intervals and even though I am tired, tired, tired can't get back to sleep. Sometimes I am so tired my eyes hurt. Usually i give up between 4 and 5 AM and just get up.

In consequence yes, I am tired in the daytime but apart from spontaneous naps, just kind of soldier on. Am due to see my GP next week and will mention this to him, because it is getting kind of boring and suspect it has a lot to do with a lack of motivation I've noticed in the past few weeks.

Joan zzzz

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Hey there

I find that when I get tired I get pains in the temple area (SAH site) and sometimes find just laying down and closing my eyes for ten minutes helps - other times I fall asleep without even realising I needed to. My night sleep is getting a lot better, but I do find that if I sleep during the day then it takes me ages to get to sleep that night. Unless I've had a particularly bad nights sleep I don't feel tired in the morning even after going to sleep late. I've never been in bed before mid-night anyway and this is returning to normal whereas a couple of months or so ago I would have been in bed and shattered by half past ten.


Sami xxx

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