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Increasing the intensity of exercise

Guest Richard

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Guest Richard

I am a 51 year-old male competitive cyclist who, some 14 weeks ago, suffered a perimesencephalic subarachnoid haemorrhage and, for a few days, was critically ill. There is no suggestion that the bleed was caused by high blood pressure and the cause remains unknown. Apart from a few of the usual after effects, I am making excellent progress and have been given the all-clear to start cycling again; but, not being a sports person, the neurologist could not give any concrete advice on training intensity. Nor is there anything really relevant on the Web. As increased pulse rates equal raised blood pressure, are my racing days over?


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Hi Richard,

I am another "non-A" SAH victim (perimeso.... is such a long word to remember!!! haha). A few of us on this chat line are. However, I can't offer you any advice about how to get up to speed with your cycling. I found the hospital pretty much said "all better!" and sent me off with little follow up. I think we all just have to listen carefully to our bodies and engage in as much or as little as we can tolerate. I also suspect that you will find some days a lot better than others for a long while yet. Everyone is so different. There doesn't seem to be any magic formula that works for all. Sorry I can't offer more.



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Hey there

I'd check it out with your Doc rather than Neuro - my understanding is that the fitter you are the lower the blood pressure even when exercising - but then I'm not a sports physio / Doc so don't take my thoughts as given. Definitely get it checked out - my neuro told me that I could resume all normal activity and I used to do Step Aerobics for an hour twice a week - and that raises your temperature, heart rate, cardio etc too. I'd talk to my Doc if I were you and maybe ask if there's a sports specialist he can refer you to.


Sami xxx

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Guest Firefly

:D I am glad you are doing so well! :wink: You are still very soon after surgery and survived a major brain injury!! I also agree that you should go to a good Family practioner that deals with "Vascular" patients like ourselves, stroke heart... I agree that youshould still be monitored on a regular basis.

I never had and warning before my rupture either, I had complications and am still in recovery after 2 years. We all heal differently and you definately have to listen to your body!! your Dr. doesn't know how this feels!! We are still teaching them about aftercare for those of us who recover. :oops: The NS only wants to do the surgery and then wants you to follow p with someone else. I went to specialist... I finally found this Family Practioner and he has help me more than any of them!! He is very nice, listens, answers questions, and knows his stuff!! He keeps track of my blood pressure, blood work...

I was a firefighter and I don't see me doing that for a long time, if ever?? Only time will tell but, don't push yourself too hard!! When you feel tired stop, doing too much just prolongs your healing time. Make sure you stay very well hydrated while riding!! It is essential to your body and more so your brain!! We all heal differently and you sound like you are doing very well already! Don't be in a hurry!!! I take it one day at a time!! My heart still pounds when my fire pager goes off and I wanr ro go so bad!! Just remember that being alive is more important than riding a bike or being a firefighter!! :wink: I will keep you in my prayers, just have patience hun and find a good Family Practioner!! Take care, Love Tricia

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Well-I am a perimesenphalic-no cause found too.

As with most SAH's-raised blood pressure and weakness in a vessel=bang....but if no cause was found and no other aneurisms spotted then in theory you are at less risk than the man in the street from having another.

I wondered about this when I was getting back into swimming-I go 2 or 3 times a week .

It took me a while to get back to doing 40 lengths-and I don't go slow so it isn't a gentle swim!

I think the problem is that you would never do any exercise that pushes you again would you if you really thought about things..?

I felt terrible when I first did about 5 lengths some 7 weeks after the SAH but it got better with time.

Exercise is good for you-by all means talk with your consultant-I was told I could gradually get back to normal.

The fears are understandable but unlikely to ever come to anything!

Mind you ..having had the bleed when making love has dampened the area of life so I guess I still have some issues!

Best wishes

Andy P

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