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jaw pain

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A couple of days before I had my SAH, I had some pain/rigidity in my jaw -- not surprising considering where the SAH was sited (at the base of my skull). Am getting some passing pains (very light) in the jaw area -- as I have an overbite and tend to hold my mouth "forward" as bit its probably not surprising but thought I would raise this in case anyone else has had similar symptoms post-SAH.

It has been almost exactly 4 months since I had my SAH and so maybe more sensitive, in that so far the post-SAH symptoms have been confined to headaches. Am under a certain amount of non-work related stress, which could be part of it.

Cheers J

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Hey J

I've found that since my SAH when I bend over th ebath to wash my hair with the shower head that my jaw sometimes locks and I can't open my mouth properly. It kills if I try to so I have to press the side of my jaw where it meets my skull to kind of release it and it goes with an almighty clunk. I don't know what causes it but, again, its another question I'll be asking.

Mmmm cloning getting a bit spookier!!

Have a great weekend

Sami xxxx

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Hello to the twins.

No I don't have jaw problems, its my neck that gets sore and needs support. Mine was also at the base of the skull.

I wonder is it just an area of weakness. I hurt my neck when in six form. Explained to my G.P i had been doing HeadStands. He's a surly wee man. "Are you not a bit old to be doing that" :lol:

Tog go bog e


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I don't want to be an alarmist, but Sarah, has anyone mentioned to you that jaw pain is a symptom of heart trouble in women? It is much more common for women than chest pain, which is more typical for men. Couldn't let this slide without saying something. Wouldn't hurt to have it checked out.



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