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Feeling like grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr again

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Hi everyone,its been a while since been on here ,its now 19 months since having ruptured annies,having good days and bad ,sometimes i seem to think the bad days out weigh the good at the moment,my concentrations as well as memory,feeling sick most of the time,but my question is the past week ive been feeling sick ,headaches at the back and forehead,eyes aching,and im getting this weird sensation like my vein in my arm and hand feels tight and on top of foot,as anyone else felt this.im all up to date with mri and cts,everything is ok.please help me,ALSO IM GETTING ALOT OF CRACKING NOISES IN MY NECK

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Hi Bay

So sorry to hear you are suffering so much right now.

I can only suggest that you contact your Neuro consultant or your GP to discuss the pain you are in, and as your MRi/CT scans are up-to-date and indicate no problems then they will need to think about medication or therapy to help alieviate or eradicate your pain.

The weird sensation of your veins feeling tight - is this on the side that would have been affected by your SAH? (i.e. if you had the SAH in the right-hand-side of your brain it would affect the left side of your body...

It is always best to check out these sensations/pain with your GP/Neuro consultant.

Take care and let us know how you get on.

Kel x

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hi kel,thats weird,my annies were middle forehead and right side and the pain is on its left.my mri are all up to date,ive been feeling like this for a wk nearly,i hate goin the docs,if it gets worse i think its a trip to the a an e. x

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Hi Kel, I feel like this sometimes, mostly when I am tired and it is difficult to know what you should be worried about and what you shouldn't, I have neck pain and crackling noises and all sorts of other stuff going on, to A&E or not to A&E that is the question. I hope these symptoms ease for you real soon, take care and have a good day xx

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