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My souvenir from this horrific operation is.......having Aphasia

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Hiya All

I had a S.A.H two and a half years ago...i know i'm alive but i hate the fact that i have Aphasia (loss of language)...half of my left brain is damaged and all my words were all gone...my memory is awful..i can remember everything like a big picture-my visual memory is good but the verbal memory is ****.

I know about neuroplasticity (how other parts of the brain takes over)....but do things get better overtime?:roll:

Thank you so much


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Hello Lucy - a warm welcome to BTG.

I'm sorry to hear that you have asphasia - I would imagine that is very frustrating for you. I don't personally know if this is something that improves over time, although I do hope so. Have you seeked some help for this via your gp - could he/she refer you to a speech therapist - maybe you have already looked, but the brain and spine foundation website have quite a bit of information on this, I believe you can also email them for advice if you wish. I hope you get some assistance - I wish you all the best,


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Hi Lucy,

I don't have aphasia either (I had to google it to remind myself what it meant). I can't imagine the frustration you must feel but I did note that intelligence is not affected by it and that shines through in your post so I'm sure it must be incredibly hard to know what you want to say & the words just aren't there. I didn't find any information on if it 'gets better' but it can improve over time?

I'm also sorry to hear that you have been left with this and do hope that you improve given more time. I also had to google neuroplasticity, I did know of the laymens explanation for it but I don't think I ever knew the word (or maybe I just forgot :roll:)

It's really good to 'meet' you on here & hopefully there will be members who share the same after-effect of SAH or people yet to join who will be able to learn from your experience.

Best wishes

Michelle x

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Hi Lucy

Warm welcome to the site glad you found us.

Im the oppisiteI cant remember anything at all, my past or anything & I wish I could remember stuff.

I hope that in time you can improve maybe some occupational thearipy to control it would help...

hope to hear more from you, take care

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