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Six Month Anniversary

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Today marked six months since my SAH. I am smiling as I write because I never thought I would ever feel like myself again but I do. Two weeks ago I moved back home (from my parent's) and got back into my routine with my sorely missed dog, Aiden. Last week I started working half days in my family gourmet shop. My first customer today happened to be a doctor from the local emergency room. He told me that I sure looked better than when he saw me last because he arrived with the priest. What a perfect first customer for my 6 month anniversary!

I am so happy to start getting back to my familiar routine. Being home and being back to work allows me to forget for a while what happened. My eyesight is (and will remain) damaged and I have to watch for the signs of exaustion but I AM BACK.

If you are still at the stage where you are not sure if you will ever feel normal again, hang in there. It varies for us all and we all heal at our own speed but things do get better!!

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Hi Michael,

So nice to see you posting. I see you well on your way to better days! Realization of that we all heal at different rates is a much healthier place to be.

Your positive vibes are shining through. Welcome back!!


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