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2 years on


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Well it's was 2 years yesterday since my SAH and I just wanted to say hi to you all. This anni -versary felt so different to last year, it was just an ordinary day which is great cause it means my life is not revolving around the SAH. I still suffer with fatique and mood swings and I have finally got an appointment to see a physiotherapist for my neck pain but I have stopped beating myself up if I'm not feeling normal.

I still push myself too much some days and then have a few days when I feel as if I'm 90 but unless I stretch myself I won't know if I'm improving. I had my 4 grandsons staying with me last week and we also got a puppy ( a chipoo) so it was a very busy week and I'm paying for it now, but when I think that my family were told to say goodbye to me 2 years ago I can't help feeling proud and very emotional that I am here to remember this milestone. Love to you all and keep strong xx

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Congratulations Jan!

After the 1st anniversary I haven't celebrated either, the 1st is a big one emotionally, the rest I don't notice & I agree, that is where you have stopped dwelling and have 'moved on'. The future awaits! For me, to keep on marking the occasion would only hold me back.....it's over, I survived and there are new milestones to mark each year :biggrin:

Although, 4 grandchildren at once might finish me off even now :lol::lol::lol:

Well done for coming such a long way since the SAH and the second op, great to hear :-D

Michelle xx

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