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    Married with 2 daughters and 4 wonderful grandsons. SAH coiled on 15th June 2010 Left PICA. Further one coiled on 1st June 2011. 2 further anni's behind right eye.
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    West Lancs
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    Music, Reading and now getting better HAHA
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    Natural Health
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    14/6/10 Coiled 15/6 Left PICA.

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  1. Hi Olef, I too opted to have elective coiling on a 2nd anuerysm and was amazed at how different it was to the SAH. I was sitting up talking when hubby came in a few hours later with no pain and only the effects of the anaesthetic to get over. You have probably had your op by now so hope it all went well and you are feeling positive. Take care Jan
  2. I had had my gall bladder removed on the friday and they were going to send me home same day but I felt unwell and had chest pain and nose bleed. They kept me in overnight and i went home on saturday still feeling unwell. On monday evening I tried to go the loo but due to the operation and the codeine I had been taking for the pain I struggled. I had almighty pain and collapsed on the floor and tried to crawl to bedroom for my mobile but didn't make it, I must have passed out as I don't remember anything else. My daughter found me later when she came home from work and shouted for hubby who was at the lake in front of us fishing. She said I answered all the questions the paramedics asked and was conscious until my coiling the next day but I don't remember any of it thankfully. I can't help thinking that if I had not been discharged from the hospital so quickly after gall bladder op would it still have happened - suppose i'll never know?
  3. Well it's was 2 years yesterday since my SAH and I just wanted to say hi to you all. This anni -versary felt so different to last year, it was just an ordinary day which is great cause it means my life is not revolving around the SAH. I still suffer with fatique and mood swings and I have finally got an appointment to see a physiotherapist for my neck pain but I have stopped beating myself up if I'm not feeling normal. I still push myself too much some days and then have a few days when I feel as if I'm 90 but unless I stretch myself I won't know if I'm improving. I had my 4 grandsons staying with me last week and we also got a puppy ( a chipoo) so it was a very busy week and I'm paying for it now, but when I think that my family were told to say goodbye to me 2 years ago I can't help feeling proud and very emotional that I am here to remember this milestone. Love to you all and keep strong xx
  4. Hi I'm 22 months on and still can't eat chocolate or sweets although I was a chocoholic before. At first everything tasted of sewage but that has got better. I now enjoy spicy food because at least I can taste it although whether it is the right taste or not I've no idea. I usually ask hubby if it tastes ok as I can't trust my taste buds. I smoked 20/day pre sah but haven't wanted one since and the good thing about not being able to taste properly is that I don't pick between meals so haven't piled the weight on. It is improving all the time so I am looking forward to the day when I have a big helping of hot chocolate fudge cake and sit watching a film with a box of Thorntons.
  5. Hi Robert, Glad to hear all went well, I can relate to that feeling of euphoria as I had elective in June and couldn't believe how relieved I felt that it was over so quickly. Unlike you I didn't have any snags and was out in 2 days. Take it easy and remember that although it was planned you have still had surgery so be kind to yourself. Jan x
  6. Hi win, to answer your question - I used to be very jumpy when I was in the car and have now got used to it again. I started driving again after 3 months and took it slow to start with but now am driving all over the place which is a good job cause hubby had a stroke 6 weeks ago and I have to be his chauffeur now. I still have times when I don't feel up to driving. Jan x
  7. Hi Marylin, I had a period of numbness in one side of my face about 6 months after my SAH and coiling. I went for checks at the hospital but everything was okay and I was given the all clear a few days later. If you are at all worried it is worth getting it checked out as I was told by everyone "it's better to be safe than sorry" and sometimes the worry can make you feel ten times worse. Hope you get sorted. Jan x
  8. hi, i flew 9 weeks after sah and coiling last year and this year 5 weeks after elective coiling. both times I wore ear plugs (like annie) and i didn't have any problems. Enjoy yourself and don't worry.
  9. Hi, well it's 2 weeks and 3 hospitals later and still don't know what is wrong with hubby. Shrewsbury thought it was a TIA and discharged him after 5 days so we returned home to lancashire with copies of his CT scans to give to our GP. He arranged for me to take them to Walton Neuro which I did last wednesday. On thurs morning he was rushed into our local hospital and they gave him meds for epilepsy and sent us home. On thurs evening he took a turn for the worse and was admitted to aintree hosp. He is ok in himself but his speech is affected and he finds it difficult to speak. We are now waiting for him to be transferred to the neuro centre when a bed is available. Tomorrow he has a lumber puncture. He's had ct and MRI scans and they still don't know. It's our 33rd wedding anniversary tomorrow and we were hoping to spend it on a beach in the sun but hopefully we will have good news and they'll be able to give us some answers.
  10. Had a really bad night - couldn't sleep cause of numbness in my arms - i'm ok now but feel really low. Think the last few days are just catching up with me. Lin/kel - I'm not at home at the mo cause this all happened while we are down at the caravan but i have text my sister today and asked her to come over as i am struggling. I've been trying to manage on my own cause they were all really supportive when i was in hospital and I didn't want to bother them again. My daughter came down the night he was admitted and once she knew he was ok she had to go home to the children. As has been said lots on here, we look ok so everyone assumes we can cope with everything. Someone actually told me on saturday that we were attention seekers - had to sit on my hands so that I didn't hit her. Can think of easier ways to get attention. Rant over!! Just waiting for my sis to arrive. Jan x
  11. Hi, thanks for your thoughts. Hubby is doing really well. He's back to his normal self - still in hospital but not on any meds. They've taken him off his warfarin (he had a DVT and PE 10 years ago) so they have to decide tomorrow what the risks of a re-bleed are with the warfarin or a clot without. Hopefully they will let him come home as I'm really struggling with driving to and from the hospital- it's 25 miles away. Feel awful complaining about how I feel but I know you all understand where I'm coming from. Sandi - he's not been on any painkillers - he's just not had any pain at all.
  12. Hi, Am just waiting to go back to the hospital to see how my husband is. He had a mini stroke on thursday evening but we were sent home. He had another one yesterday and on the way back to the hospital he had a few more in the ambulance. They did a CT scan and have found he has had a small bleed. We are just waiting for the neuro surgeon from stoke to get back to us with regard to the treatment - if any. The weird thing is that his bleed is in the same place as mine was 15months ago. I can't believe that this is happening. He is not in any pain and is chatting away as if nothing is wrong which is great. It just affects his speech when it happens. Just going back to the hospital so fingers crossed for good news. x
  13. well done win - I don't post much but do read most days and your posts always make me chuckle. Only one thing to say " Onwards and Upwards" x
  14. Hi Jan, Been away so only just catching up with things on here. I felt exactly the same as you this time last year and I'm glad to say that it has got better. Some days I can actually forget for a few hours what has happened. I went to see my doctor and got some medication which has helped me over the low periods but I feel as if it has also diminished the highs as well so am going back to see him and hopefully stop taking them. If you were in Walton get in touch with Kath Stoneley, she is brilliant and will put your mind at rest and never makes you feel like you are bothering her. I know I've said it before but if you need to talk pm me and i'll send you my no. Jan x
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