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New member intro - Mark


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Hi all my name is mark,

I've just been released from hospital after SAH and three aneurysm . I got 1st one done on 3rd June 2012 this was the SAH which had been bleeding all night I got that one coiled through the groin to stop the bleeding, I thought I was doing great the day after the procedure i had a shower and was able to walk to the toilet,when I woke up next morning i couldn't move, the pain was excruciating I couldn't move for 3 days i was vomiting and had severe headaches and couldn't look at light by the 4th day i was coming round and was soon off the drip and walking around again so had my second procedure to coil the other 2 which weren't bleeding I had this op done on 11th June and i was dreading it as I presumed it would be twice as long as the first op with twice the anaesthetic etc.

To my surprise I woke up after it feeling hungry and in no pain whatsoever , this feeling continued for the next few days and I was released to go home on 13th June the consultant told me they hadn't operated on the third aneurysm because of the position it was in and the shape it is there isn't much chance of it bursting in the future but they will be keeping an eye on it just in case.I cant believe how quickly ive recovered. I put it down to praying and thinking positively,I only hope my experience can help someone out there and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.I was wondering is there any way to hasten recovery , any particular exercise or medication that could speed it up,anyway I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing these symptoms and hope I can help someone with my experience

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Early days Mark but good to see you are well xx

I had 1 anni and still cannot walk that far.....never ever give up and welcome to BTG

Positive thinking is good for us . .......I found singing was good for me..even if it was off key..... memory etc

Welcome to BTG

Keep Well and don't overdo it lol

Best Wishes

WinB143 x

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Hi Mark,

and welcome to BTG. That's great that you have managed to recover from the original SAH and the subsequent coilings so quickly. Remember your body has been through so much recently so please take things easy and don't rush back into things as if nothing has happened. I found I probably returned to work too quickly after my SAH and regret that now. Drink plenty of water as that seemed to help me.

Kind regards and take it easy


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