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Mike post op 2010 doing great

Guest Mike

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Hi everyone i am sorry i forgot to introduce myself i am post op 2 yrs after being given just 5 hours to live at the Royal Free Hospitalin 06/2010 ....i am well on the way to recovery having done most of it on my own have had a little support from friends but none for the last 5 months as they cant be bothered lol, i slow their life styles down too much but living my life now my way on my own is really hard, but have made some good friends on here and come to understand, and finally accept that i am ill, but my life is good now and thanks to help i have had its getting better 1 day at a time :lol:

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Thx for the reply i tend to reply rather than post opps lol.... i am about to upload 2 fotos from my newest MRI showing my VP shunt in place dont know if they will allow that how are you ?

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Hi Mike

I never got pictures of my scans it was too long ago everything has moved on since those days (technology I mean)

I have a shunt too and a tube from my brain oh! the marvels of science....:roll:

There should be no problem dont worry tho when you add the picture it will have to have it checked/modorated but think there's others there so will be fine.

Im ok just take everyday as it comes....

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Well done Mike and welcome to BTG......You sound strong and if your pals have left you behind...then do you really need them ...

We all need help at sometime or another...and my pals have been good...and family also...I'd hit them if they had been poo's lol

I have had shunt fitted after being coiled ie 2009 SAH no memory for approx. 1 year..then shunt fitted in 2010 and

memory came back yeahhhh lol

I was told I was talking but I do not remember anything ...good I guess in someways....All I remember is being with deceased family all singing and my Mum would never talk to me..made me sad...guess it wasn't my time ?

She/Mum just pointed at my daughter n hubby ....My brother sang to me... my Mum told him off lol

My Dad said to me shhh ya Mum will kill me... now was this all a dream ? My hubby says Yes it is.......but it was my dream and I believe I saw my family as that's what I want to believe ..lol

Good luck Mike and do not worry about pals...some will be good and the others you don't need them...keep going and never

give up

Best Wishes

WinB143 xx

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