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Care & Epileptic Fits

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My wife has a SAH just over 3 weeks ago. Her aneurysm was clipped ans she is now at home recuperating. Fortunately there doesn'y seem to be any permanent damage. She has no physical side effects or pain. She is however very tired and fatigued. Her sense of smell has been impaired, but ciompared with many others she seems to be very lucky. My main concern is how best I can care for her. A real worry is possible epileptic fits. Does the risk of this diminish after time or go away completley.

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hi pete and chris

it is very early days in your wifes recovery and im chuffed she appears not to have a great deal of after effects.

the tiredness and fatigue is so normal and only time will tell and she is the only one who can decide on what she can do all you can do is be there for her its all to easy to over protect anyone who has suffered an sah as long as she does it slowly and steady she will be ok all you can do is watch and try not to bite your finger nails its up to the mrs

just be there for her the smell problem may come back over time but as many drs dont really know whats going to happen with the brain and in all honesty i dont think they fully understand what the brain is capable when it starts to recover

as for the epilepsy it is a possible normal reaction to an sah i know lin was on anti epliplesy drugs as a precaution but they have been removed for over two years without any fits. if your wife does have a fit just lower her onto the floor in the recovery position and protect her head untill she comes round god forbid that she does suffer but if she does she will need to be taken to hospital so it can be dealt with and the drugs to be supplied to keep it under control but if there are no fits then time is a great healer

i wish you both well and congratulations on her recovery take care

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All you can do is be there help when she needs it and back off when she doesn't.

Patience is a virtue - it just feels like a pain at times. Your partner will be on a bit of a roller coaster at the moment and you need to learn to judge the ups and the downs. Provide help when she's down and encouragement when she's up. Above all, listen to what she has to say not just with her mouth, but learn to read her body language also. There'll be times when she says she isn't tired because she doesn't want to be a burden, but her body language will be a giveaway. Don't ever think she can work her way through it - she's had a brain injury and it doesn't work that way anymore. Even when you think you are doing well, your body has its own inimitable way of telling you to slow down. Let her do things when she wants to not when you want to. It's an adjustment and a bit of a culture shock for you but you need to do it for HER.

It will seem like all give and no take for you just now but the balance will slowly return. There are no shortcuts- only understanding

You are observing it - she is living it, please remember that. And when its hard and you need support please remember us, we are here for you too!!

Good luck Pete


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Guest Zong Mo

That's really sad to be listening about your wife health i m sure that she will get well as soon as possible ....

I think at such stage one must need proper care and medication and i think u are really doing good for her..

You just reminded me of the incident when my uncle SAM had his lever transplant and her wife MIss Joahana Took care of him and even he was in the care center she daily went for him despite of her busy schedule coz she is a nurse in a medical center..

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Pete & Chris,

I imagine time will tell. It is great she seems to be doing so well. I can only say that my husband has to be given a gold metal for taking care of me, the house, and animals. I am coming up on one year and he has never made me feel bad for sleeping, resting and won't allow me to over do it like prior. I sometimes get to mow the lawn but I can never finish it! Anyway I never feel pressure to cook etc. I went back to a demanding job after 5 months off and last week I went back to reduced hours. I crash when I get home and sleep/ nap most everyday still. I suffer from fatigue and he never makes me in anyway feel bad about it. He has been a wonderful support. He just doe snot eem to expect me to do anymore than I feel I can.

Good luck, Mary

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Hi Pete i had a sah in July 2011 it wasnt until 6 months later that i suffered a fit then again twice more until they sorted my meds out, all i can say is dont panic about it it might not happen not everybody sufferes all you can do if she does fit is be there for here and call an ambo as they need to check the brain again.

Good luck

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