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Hi Guys,

I could really do with some more stories to submit onto the homepage .... it is actually quite therapeutic to write your story and then to have it as a record of how far you've come. I sometimes read my own story back and even though I tend to see my recovery as being at a "snail's pace" ... I'm quite glad to see, that actually, I have moved forward and continue to do so. My memory isn't particularly brilliant and some of the detail of my story doesn't stick in my brain, so it's good to have a reminder and quite cathartic.

For those of you that have already kindly written your story.....how about a follow up to see how far you've progressed......good or bad......tell it how it is.

It would also be lovely to see a few more photos of the members.....it helps to see who we are talking to.....you can submit these on the homepage or if you want an avatar made of your photo, then please e-mail me. (An avatar will appear next to your login name, when you post.)

If you can think of any thread suggestions that you think will be helpful to others, then please PM or e-mail me.

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Thanks Sue, that will be great! I wrote mine over quite a long period of time and then added some more at the 12 month stage .... it seemed to turn into an epic volume..... :lol: I had to write notes for a book interview, mainly because my short term memory was so bad and at the time it seemed like a pain, but looking back at this stage, I'm so glad that I did jot it down, as there would have been so much that I would have forgotten. :)

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I do plan to write mine - both as a cathartic experience for me (fingers crossed!) and to publicise the wonderful level of care I received at Frenchay Hospital.

I have made a start on it, but it usually raises lots of questions for me, and I end up playing 20 questions with my good friend Gilly who took me to hospital in the first place.

It's strange - it's almost like reminiscing with my mum about when I was little - because there is so much where my perception is different from everyone else's!


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Thanks Blondie, I'll look forward to reading it!

We really could do with a few more newer stories on the homepage....

It's good to look back and see how far you've come .... I definetly found it cathartic in writing mine ....

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