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Hello everyone

Guest Firefly

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Guest Firefly

:D I hope everyone had a nice weekend? It was finally warm here in MO. (USA) It is amazing how many people are from so far away! It sounds like some of you live in wonderful places!! I am trying to read all of the post and get to know everyone?? My memory is so bad, forgive me if I forget things!!

I am coming up on 2 years post rupture, stenting and coiling. I was just wondering if there was anyone else that is still having multipal symptoms or problems after 2 years? I have come a long way since my rupture, but still have motor skill, coordination, perception, cognitive.... I never had therapy because it cost so much. I am trying to do it on my own at home. I am getting there slowly. I still suffer from headaches, fatigue, light sensitivity... :oops: I would like to talk to someone in a similar situation? Have any of you had this kind of experiance??? :?

I have done a lot of reading and reseach. I have come to realize finding someone similar to you can help each other! I am getting to the point of where I can start doing light exersize. I want and need to lose the 50lbs I have gained since surgries and being homebound so long!!!! :!: My Dr. keeps telling me it is the meds. but, he doesn't want me to stop any right now??? I don't eat hardly anything, no appitite and hubby makes me eat most of the time!! Wish I had a walking partner!! Everyone is working or has kids... Hubby is always working too.

Thanks for listening, any home tips for light home exersize or natural diet tips? I have a bad back and neck too, so I am limilted?? I'm a mess!! :P

Take are and God bless you all!! Love Tricia :wink:

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Hi Tricia,

A lot of UK Physiotherapists recommend using a Swiss/Balance Ball to regain core strength and help your balance. I use one at home, but I stay clear of any of the exercises that involve straining my neck and head. Even just sitting on the ball whilst watching tv or on the computer helps your balance and the exercise is very gentle. Pilates has also been suggested to me as a good way of exercising.

Do you have a garden/yard that you can walk around? It might be worth buying a Pedometer, like Aine has done and see if you can increase the amount of steps that you do each day, so that you can build up some strength.

We forget how lucky we are in the UK to have a National Health System and not to have to pay medical fees .... we all moan like hell about how slow the system can be, but at least we have help and it isn't going to bankrupt us.

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I am so sorry to hear you are suffering like this. I agree with the fitball recomendation too. Lots of great excersises can be done on the ball and they will really work your muscles. And walking is a great way to loose weight too. Do you live near a Running Room store. They have a club that is free and meets for walks on Weds and Sunday. It is a gret way to meet new people too.

I can understand how frustrated you are feeling with your new brain and body. I too used to be very active and into non-tradional sports and activities. (I assume you are similar since you are a fire fighter. Not a very traditional role for women.) But you need to keep your faith in yourself. You are different now. It is ok. Things may be harder but it is only somthing that makes your story even better. Look at the amazing progress we have made to get here. It's like my husband told me last night... "You are one tough chick. I knew you'd be ok." You're spirit may be stronger than your body so use it to your advantage. Remember, "If your mind can concieve it, your body can achieve it." Have you tried writing a personal mantra? Mine is "I am a positive and patient mom with a clean and clutter free house." The part that I am really working to achieve is the clean and clutter free part. How about..."I am a positive strong and fit woman with ..."

One book that I have loved has been..."Excuse me your life is waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn. Skip the last chapter but it has been wonderful in my life. Much along thelines of "The Secret" but it can out several years ago. It might be worth a try. If nothing else it makes you feel very happy about yourself.

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Guest Firefly

:oops: Thank you very much for the letters!!

I have managed to fall up 3 stairs & blow my back out again! :shock: Now I can't do anything???? I have to go get a MRI, it has been since 2000 when I had my last back surgery. It has been killing me!!! I am going to avoid surgery at all cost though! :roll: I am a mess!! :oops:

I am just eating a ot of fruits... This weight sucks so much!!!! :P I am working on it???

Thanks for all the info. though!! :wink:

:shock: I could only imagine if Bernie came home and saw a ball like that for me??? :shock: I can't even go up stairs or bend over without almost falling. He'd say, I would definately kill myself on one of those!! I have bad balance, I bet it would be funny to try!! :lol:

Thank God I got to go off of Plavix! I was one big bruise on that stuff!!

Thanks for you notes and prayers, I appreciate it! I have a long recovery ahead of me and it helps so much to talk about it! You are all so nice!! I can't understand your "slang words", but love them! :)

Take care, & all of you are in my prayers! :wink: Tricia

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