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Three years on and how soon people forget!

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Hi Everybody,

confession time its been quite a while since I logged on. But I still feel among friends as soon as my log in is processed. As my heading states its three years this week since my date with destiny, and luckily for me the pearly gates were closed for new admissions!

I have stated before how lucky I feel to have survived with very little visual difficulties but its the things people cannot see that cause so much trouble.

I am sure when I write my update many people will have experienced worse but I am hopeful of some words of wisdom and similar experiences in replies.

I find myself banging my head against a no response wall when asking for a change in my workload. Even though I was told categorically by Occupational Health that I was to be based in Campus I find myself travelling three days a week and being Campus based for the fourth day. When I made a request for changes I was summoned to H.R. and told that I had requested an Admin post which would of course result in a drop in pay of £7000, a sum I just cannot afford to take. Has anybody else experienced similar problems or pressure? Can they do this to you, what does the Disability at Work Act cover am I protected?

I love my work I just feel that nobody is listening to me and because I appear fully recovered there is no need to look after my well-being.

I have just joined the Union to try and secure some official support. All I want is to be treated with some consideration after what happened.

I am currently off due to stress and anxiety due to the workload. My last day in I was updating a pile of fifty portfolios and my brain just went to mush. I could not concentrate and came home and went to bed. My brain was just frazzled.

Hope I get some replies and possible words of wisdom. Its great to be back on-line.

Good night everyone and thanks for listening. :roll:

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Hi John, nice to see you posting again :-D But I am sorry that you are having problems at work. I have also been through that and it is a very difficult, upsetting process to go through.

My Union were very helpful, although I had to get a representative from Edinburgh (200 miles away) as none of the local reps had the experience to deal with my case. The rep I had was very up to date on disability employment rights which is really helpful in these situations. It's definitely an avenue worth looking at. Also, can you ask for a referral back to OH to explain to them the difficulties you are having? My work was also admin and because my brain could no longer cope with that type of work I also became very ill with stress.Along with the worry & fear of no longer being able to earn my current wage. It's is a horrible position to be in & I would advise you to look for help now before things get any worse for you.

Good luck John and let us know how you get on.

Michelle x

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Hi John, I'm one of the new recruits so we haven't chatted before. Nice to meet you virtually.

Sorry to hear about your challenges , that doesn't sound a healthy situation for you right now and i hope you can get it resolved quickly so you dont suffer.

Belonging to a union is a good thing, they will be able to draw on a wealth of experience and offer support to help you hopefully reach a workable solution.

Typically you will find the that whilst occ. health can make recommendations for what needs doing for someones initial return the workable application of this must be agreed with HR and line management. Its sounds like that bit got missed out for you here and its worth going back a step and asking the right people to regroup and explain why you need adjustment and what it looks like. Some advice for all is that when you are making new arrangements at work it's always worth asking for confirmation in writing or doing it yourself with email after agreement is reached just so you have a record. Memories are short...well mine is now :lol:

The disability act covers their responsibility to make reasonable adjustments but when it changes the nature of how you do your job or in their belief limits the success of that role they can ask you to take a new position. Im not sure wherher they are saying this job must have flexibility to travel, it sounds like they are. As for getting you to take a pay cut, if they are proposing changing your work role and remit then they are able to offer a pay cut this under you signing and agreeing new terms of contract, but if it's the same role then take advice. By the way it is for them to prove you can't do your role based from campus before they can insist on a role change not for you to prove you can, the onus is on them. My best advice though John is to talk to them. Get talking and understand their concerns but also for them to hear your current challenges. Reasonable adjustments are a great thing if they are done with the consultation and involvement of all, then they tend to stick and work because everyone understands and has a stake in it. Please don't get too upset over this, there will be people there who know how good you are, want you to continue to be successful and to find a solution that will work. I truly believe that, maybe I'm naive but I think most people like to help and not see others fail. Happy if you want to pm me some specific questions.


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Hi John,

I think GG and Daffy have given you some good occupational advice. I am in US so our laws are differnt. But I sympathize with your plight. I currenlt work full time and love my job. I struggle physically working 40 hours and would prefer to work less. But I work for a small company and I am needed full time.

I have been supported well by my company but I can imagine as time goes on the SAH gets further from focus. So for you I have empathy. I hope you are well amd are able to work this out. Please post if you ever need to get things out or talk.


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