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relining with head low???

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Hi All,

In my early recovery stages I was cautioned against lying with my head lower than my feet. When I go to the dentist, for example and am going to be in the chair for a cleaning I remind them to not tip me too far. It's a harder position for them to work in, but they always comply.

Now that I'm 2 1/2 years along, I'm wondering if it is still a concern? The reason I am asking is because of the Pilates classes I am taking for my low back pain. The Pilates is helping me a lot. One of the machines available though is an inversion table which actually works as gentle traction on the back. It is not a completely upside down hanging by your feet position as some of them are. It can be adjusted to be just a slight incline. But still I'm thinking no. Has anyone else been given advice on this?



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Hey Annie

I do that at the dentist too she always makes a comment about me reminding her, hey if I dont :roll:

I dont know if I was giving advice like that but I know that my head would cope with anything like that, there's a saying about the blood rushing to your head wow thats me.


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Hi Annie,

I was never given any advice about not having your head lower than your feet. I still find it uncomfortable having my head tipped back and I have the same scenario as yourself in the dentist chair. I also can't lie flat, without having any support under my neck, as my head tends to pulse.

Haven't a clue whether you should or shouldn't ... it's an interesting question.

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