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First walk after SAH

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Its just come to be after reading another post,

i started walking about 10 days after my SAH. I remember it felt great but I'd an agonising pain seemed to be coxis area. Sounds like siatica. At one point I was sprawled on the floor trying to get relief! Dr simply bent my leg and push against my knee. I was lying on my back. Apparently it was some the remaining blood draining and that irrates the spine. But it does get better.


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Aine, I had the same .... I had horrific back and leg pain after the SAH and I was also told that it was the blood draining down the spinal cord and irritating the nerves....I had to have morphine for the pain.....it makes me shiver just thinking about it now......mind you, I was still in the lying down position at this stage and kept pulling the catheter and drips out of me, as I tossed and turned so much, trying to get some relief......yuk...don't ever want to go through that again.... :cry:

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Oh yes, I had that too. Only mine was after I got home and no one told me to expect it. We called the doctors about it and they ordered an ultrasound (nothing found of course) and an MRI (nothing found of course) and then said it was probably just the blood draining through my spinal cord. Ya THINK??? Wish they had thought to tell us it could happen. You all sound like you get much better care over there.



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Hi Guys

Never had the back pain or leg pain and I was out of hospital 6 days after and walking around a lovely park in Cornwall, feeding ducks and watching Siobhan play on the swings. I was tired after and the only irritating feeling was as the back of my head, which was apparently the blood collecting at the base of my brain and queueing up to drain down my spine. I've been extremely lucky in that I have no paralysis or nerve damage remaining.

Sami xxx

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