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Subarachnoid hemorrhage complications

Guest 6shooter

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Guest 6shooter

I just got home from the hospital and found this place. I'm 23 male from Texas. My Subarachnoid hemorrhage was caused by surgery I've been told. I went in to a surgical center for outpatient day surgery. I was told I would be on my feet in a few hours and back home but I never woke up, not for a while. I had the CT scan and the bleed. Ambulance hauled me over to the main hospital, I was out for about 8 days, only waking for a few seconds at a time. Sometime in there they did two angiograms and never found the blood vessel so the neurosurgeon decided it happened during the surgery. Regardless of the cause, I had the regular complications. Complications of a complication I figure. I must of have the cerbral salt wasting because my sodium levels crashed when I was sleeping and still low when I woke up. I felt tingling and numbness in my hands and feet and my vision was blurry and double. The more the rehab people came around towards the end of the second week to walk me a little the more I hated seeing them and told them I begun hurting more. Besides the soreness and stiffness from laying in bed, my hands and legs hurt deep, stinging, and the bones ache. They pushed me more and I hurt more. I just got shipped home, still sitting here, cant walk real well, just stumble around, vision is I wear a eye patch on one eye, hands and legs are killing me, makes me not want to move, and I feel like throwing up and I'm exhausted a lot. Its only been 18 days since the bleed now, but I'm not a very patient guy and still can't believe this happened to me. I get really sad and angry even talking about it but doing all I can to be forgiving. I hope the pain and eye problems get better, I want to work again some day.

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Hello 6shooter. You poor dear!! What an awful ordeal for you. Speaking as one of the SAH'ers here that did not have an aneurysm either, I can assure you that your recovery issues are the same as those that did. Considering how new this is to you, I am surprised that you are online already. That shows me that you are really anxious to get back to your old life and you are trying hard. I'm afraid that a lot of the recovery takes it's own good time and there is nothing you can do to make it go faster. You can, however, slow it down by pushing yourself too hard, so do be careful about that. As you're feeling up to it, you can read through the stories of many of us here, and take some comfort in the fact that your situation is similar to some here as far as symptoms and recovery issues. Ask anything, and we'll do what we can to help you deal with this according to our collective experiences.

My first question after reading your post is whether you have anyone with you at home that can be there during your early recovery. A friend or family?? I hate the idea of anyone being alone for that.

As for attitude and forgiveness, you have every right to feel frustrated and angry. Do try though to put that on the back burner whenever you can and concentrate on resting and listening to what your body is telling you about what you need. I am not familiar with the salt issue or the pain in the extremities, but it is probably a good idea to have an appointment with your GP just to make sure you have that on track. I am in Ohio, and I can relate to the lack of follow up care in the states. I'm not sure how much of that is due to our lousy health care system and how much of it is due to the fact that I did'nt have the aneurysm and therefore no follow up with the neuro people. Either way, it's not a good feeling to be disconnected, so let your regular doctor know what you've been through and tell him/her to get your records from the hospital to be up to speed on your case.

I did experience a lot of pain in the tailbone area with walking initially, as did a lot of people on this site, so that is to be expected. It's usually a function of the blood in your brain disapating and traveling your spinal column as it does. Any dizziness, headache and extreme fatigue is also nearly always part of the process. Remember, that we are not doctors here, but can only relate to you our own experiences so that you're not so alone with this.

That's all for now, Tex. Rest, rest. And write any time. This is your outlet for questions and frustrations, and we're here for you.



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Hiya and welcome...

Sorry to hear that you've had a SAH due to complications from an op.

From what I've read, the recovery from a non-aneurysm SAH is very good and hopefully as the weeks pass, you'll find that things will improve for you.

I had awful back and leg pain after my SAH.....I was told that it was the blood from the brain, exciting via the spinal cord and irritating the nerves. It was pretty bad for quite a few weeks, but it gradually eased and went away completely. This will get better....

I also had double vision and my right eye completely closed up after the bleed. I too wore the dreaded eye patch when my eye started to open up again....I found the eye patch really uncomfortable. I was also given a pair of plain glasses and the hospital covered up the lens for the bad eye. You should find that the double vision will improve ... it's always a lot worse when you're tired, so get plenty of rest.

I can understand why you're angry, but it will get better, honestly.....try not to get too stressed about it all......easier said than done, I know....but the stress won't help and your brain needs some time out to recover.

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Hi 6 shooter-I am sorry to hear of your troubles-18 days though is very early and things will get better..honest!

I had a non-aneurism SAH not through surgery and so did Annie.

The good thing is that you are young which helps with recovery.

I am sure you will feel exhausted-it is one hell of atiredness that can be difficult to deal with.

But..listen to your body and do take it easy..and one small step at a time!

What job do you do then?

Is there much in the way of help for you in Texas in terms of any support groups I know Annie said in Ohio it wasn't brilliant?

Keep asking any questions here and someone will no doubt have advice or have shared something similar.

All the best

Andy P

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Hi 6 shooter,

The worst part of my recovery was the pain and aches I had from being bed-ridden for 3 weeks. I am so sorry you are going through that now. I found it a great help to alternate between ice and hot packs. And when I finally was able to get moving, it was great to excersise a little bit. My muscles were so tight from doing nothing for so long. I am 2 1/2 months since my bleed and still have trouble with my aching body. One of the best inventions I discovered was a infaltable doughnut to sit on. I also found it confortable to put pillows under my belly (like 4 ) and then kind of watch tv and stuff on knees and elbows. You might try stretching too.

Good luck and I wil pray for your pain to be taken away. It is very frustrating when you are young but like someone else said, it is good we are so young. It does make the recovery quicker.


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Hey there 6shooter

Hang on in there, it does get better. I had trouble walking for about two weeks after coming out of hospital, but it got better everyday. And the aches do get easier. I'm afraid your patience will definately be tested! And I'm really impressed that you are already on the net, I didn't want to look at a computer screen for weeks after, I'm sure you'll have a speedy recovery. Take it easy


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Guest 6shooter

Howdy dammit,

Thanks for talking to me. I tried to talk back but what I wrote went up in smoke when the website went down. I sure paid hard after my first excursion on the internet but I'm doing better today and I'm real glad to see that there are people on my side of the world and there are men too, I was starting to feel out of place around here. I work in fire/EMS, can't go back until I get fixed and recovered, maybe never again, but I'm going to give it 100%. It's an act of congress to get into rehab around here. My legs are getting stronger but I'm still stuck in these four dang walls. And I'm not balanced right. And I'm hurt'n, tired, dizzy, and damaged, know what I mean? I need my work, Tex is broke and those medical bills are already getting here. I probably didn't help my recovery when I woke up confused in the ICU place and ripped out my central and arterial lines and blitzed my nurses LOL, next time I woke up tied down. I read somewhere you guys had trouble regulating your own body temperature, welp me too, but I get hot not cold and it irritates me when I'm trying to sleep. Don't sleep well now anyways. You guys are our only support, we ain't got a anything over here for something like this. I'm worn out, going to go lay down and puke.

[tips hat]


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Guest Firefly

:( I can so relate to you!!! I had a rupture 2 years ago and have still been mostly home bound for 2 years. Have cabin fever bad!!! :evil:

I too was a firefighter, miss it so much!!! I don't see me going back for a long time, if ever?? Everytime the pager goes off, my heart still pounds and I want to go sooo bad!!! But, we all heal at our own pace. Hopefully you will heal quickly!! I have a long recovery due to the lack of treatment when it happen and my brain is still absorbing the blood.

You are still very early into your recovery hun, have patience!! It just takes time for the brain to heal! Stay well hydrated, esp. if you are starting to work out. Try to eat lots of fruits and veggies.

I suggest you find a Good Family Praticioner with "Vascular" patients!! Mine has help me with many of my symptoms!! Insomnia is bad, your brain only really heals when you get into "REM" sleep. I had to go to a sleep clinic. Insomnia is very common with an "Annie"!! You don't have to suffer through it!! I take several meds & they have helped me so much!!!

It is common to have feelings of anger, frustration, depression... after surgery. I take paxil, it has help me a lot. I know it is hard to sit back and watch everyone else live their lives!! :( You need to find something easy that you enjoy doing to help get through this. I have a Nentindo game with "Brain games", write poetry, listen to music... Helps to stimulate the brain and heps in recovery.

I know how you feel hun & it S****, but we are survivors! I know it is hard to be on the opposite side of the coin! We are use to saving lives, now we are the patient and it is hard!!! :(

It will get better in time, you are still in the begining of your recovery!! We are here to talk!! Vent, or whatever you need to talk about!! Take care and I will keep you in my prayers! :wink: Tricia

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Guest eyeball

hello 6shooter my heart goes out to you ,we all know that angry frustrated feeling when we arrive home . it does get easier just takes time . my sah was over a year ago and when i came out of hospital all i done was cry scared to move everything worried me , i found this site and talking to someone really helps .i suffer really bad leg pain and can only walk for ten minutes im forever dosed up on painkillers , i got a part time job and even that can be too much sometimes, but i do have 6 kids and they can be hard work too , i found the thing that scared me most was the way my thoughts and feelings changed my kids say i have got harder with them i have changed a lot in that way , i think being told your in a life threatening situation and then coming out of that makes you a little stronger it takes time , you will get there mate dont worry just take care rest and try not to stress ,i know thats hard believe me i went through a real bad time to ,we are survivors and are here for a reason take care of yourself love eye

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