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Robert McCrum - My Year Off

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Has anyone else read the above book?

Robert McCrum is a journalist who had a stroke some years ago.

I found this book very interesting, especially at my point in recovery, (3.5 years in.) I don't think I would have had so much from the book in the early days; because then I wanted a more 'medical' understanding of what was happening to me.

This book is more philisophical and talks about the changes to 'the self' and how a brain injury affects your perceptions of who you are.

My partner really enjoyed it too and it gave him a better understanding of how a brain injury can alter you from within.

I don't think I've seen this book mentioned on BTG before - apologies if so; but I thought it may be helpful to direct some people to it.

L xx

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Thanks Lin-Lin, I haven't heard of this one but might look it up if you think it's more relevant a few years down the line.

Is it more about dealing with things that have become a permanent issue rather than the recovery early on? I think there is less information available for long term effects (but maybe I just haven't looked hard enough or in the right places?)

Michelle xx

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Hi girls,

In answer to your question Michelle, the author certainly focuses on the first year of recovery and how at the age of 42 it turned his life upside down. (He was a high flying professional and socialised at the same high powered level as his career.)

But he also writes about his 'incomplete recovery' and how to look at him, he's fine, but he struggles with things that can't be seen. He also suffers with fatigue.

He says that for the purposes of outward appearances, he is cured, but he lacks sharpness. He has to plan things differently than before his stroke and cannot be spontaneous.

The book does concentrate on the early recovery more so, but does include how the stroke recovery is a life long issue, not something that got better after 12 months.

It's a nice little story and there are parts in it that can be related to.

L xx

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Thank you LinLin.

It was the title .My 'Year' Off that put me off but sounds like it would still be well worth a read? It took me two years to realise that I needed to be 'off' at all :shocked: I will ask at my local library rather than buy it I think.

Thank you for highlighting it as worth reading

Michelle xx

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