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IKim - you just told my story! I am also new to this site. Just found it yesterday. I had a one-time spontaneous brain bleed (SAH) due to weak blood vessels on May 8, 2013. I was working out at the gym at my place of employment and POW!! My workout was done. I had extreme pain in my temples and I felt like my head filled up with fluid. Took a shower and the pain "mohawked" back to my spine and base of head. After the ambulance rushed me to the ER, they did a CT scan. The ER doc told me that if I went home and to bed, I would have been dead in the morning. That was the first of two times I would receive 'last rites and apostolic pardon' from my priest. I spent five days in ICU and five days in general population and am recovering at home now. I have had one complication. Hematoma. The blood that was supposed to have absorbed itself co-mingled with my spinal fluid and is now resting in my tailbone region irritating some nerves. Pain. They gave me Percocet, but it barely dulls the pain.

I am 44, married with five kids under 16. My family, priest friends, friends, neighbors, co-workers have been so supportive. I am very lucky to have big support. From reading the posts on this forum, I think I am going to like this site.

If I learned anything so far, it is to reset my expectation that it may take longer to heal. I am walking around on eggshells afraid it is going to happen again.


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Hi Brian,

I know exactly where you are mentally. I had mine (NASAH) in April. I am 47, do not smoke, do not have high blood pressure and avg weight and height. Sitting back in Philly, PA having dinner and next thing the ferocious headache and numbing/stiffness down the back of my spine. Doctors told me the same thing, "you would be dead if you did not come here."

I never lost consciousness and could not understand why this was happening. I have a soon to be 8 yr old so I can only imagine the liveliness in your home.

I understand your fear and pray every day for courage. One thing I have learned on this site is you are not alone and everyone has been right where you are. It's a very slow process but you do slowly start to come around. Some days better than others but my husband always tells me, "it's just a small blip on the radar if you look at the entire big scheme of things."


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Hi Brain,

Welcome to Behind the Gray. I had my SAH 22 months ago and I am still recovering. You are in your early days. It takes everyone different times to recover. I imagine your back pain is rough.

Drink lots of water, it helps hydrare the brain. The best advice i would give would be that yes it will take longer than you think and don't go back to work too soon. With 5 kids I think you will have your hands full as well.

Good luck and I'm sure you'll meet many nice people here.


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Welcome Brian, It sounds as if you are doing very well mentally and have heard the big lesson that it is going to take time to heal.

Wow May 8th, that was like yesterday! It helps to have to have a good support system in place. It also helps to have people that really want to help and understand what happened to your brain. It took me a very long time to grasp that. I heard it but never GOT it. I just recently realized that I did not know where exactly my bleed was. I knew I had damaged from the strokes and this and that but it NEVER dawned on me to ask where that unsual spot was that they had a hard time finding.

I do not worry too much about it happening again. I was careful for my 3 months but I have the belief what will be will be. Not meaning I abuse my life I just cannot be controlled by worry.

Good luck to you and follow the wise advise people have given you! maryb

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