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Sarahg - Hi


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Hi everyone my name is sarah and I am 40 years old. I very recently had a SAH,3 weeks ago, which has now been clipped. I'm now at home and to say I'm struggling is a under statement. I've started with a loss of appetite and sickness and I'm really concerned although the doctors don't seem to be worried. I spent 9 days in hospital and I'm sure I'm doing really well but the anxiety has kicked but I'm hoping this site will help me through the bad days.

Hope your all doing well?

Love Sx

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Hi Sarah,

I had my SAH in February and felt very scared and vulnerable in the first month or so after coming home. I didn't get much advice at all on recovery or what to expect etc. I felt sick on and off for about the first six weeks but it did ease and i now rarely feel sick. Just concentrate on rest and drinking lots of water. My recovery was quite quick in the first three months......although it has tailed off a bit now and i am just trying to manage fatigue and headaches and getting into a routine that suits my recovery. I have found that this site has provided me with more support and advice in the last few weeks than i have had at all before so you have found this early on which i'm sure will be a great help to you. Most importantly.....don't try and rush the recovery; it is ok to rest and ask for help from your family and the medical profession. Take care and good luck xx


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Hi Sarah G.

Welcome, as the other Sarah stated try to take it slow. The lack of concern from your doctors is normal. I wonder if a head doctor had a SAH if he would be concerned about himself??? HUM??

Pretty typical. Where do you live? I would call the office often and ask questions as than maybe they will start sending people home with some instructions and what to expect.

Just try to rest as much as possible and thinking back I was in a daze for months I think a fantasy land so I am not much help. I do recall it taking me forever to pick out a pair of socks & sleeping all the time.

Good Luck, MaryB

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Hi Sarah. Sorry to hear you've joined our exclusive club. I was 39 when I had mine and have deferred my 40th celebrations by a year until I felt well enough to celebrate:-D

Nausea and dizziness are really common and it suppresses the appetite but catch22 as your brain is using masses of energy to heal. I read somewhere about the amount of energy a brain burns up just on an average day so yours needs extra fuel to do all it's work. My way round that was to get some of those energy shakes and had those between meals. Not particularly pleasant but quick, easy and gave me the vitamins I needed which then boosted my appetite to return.

Pne thought is that as you were clipped you may have lost some CSF fluid during operation wich creates a low pressure reaction. I've had that a few times and although your CSF builds back up quickly the effects can last a little longer in my experience. Best things for that is eat little and often even though you don't feel like it. A glass offCoca cola , yes I know it's bad for us but take a little if yo feel like this has helped me and my neuros all have told me this. Ear plugs to drown out some of the noise and lie flat as often as you can and slowly raise your head on waking.

Rest is so important. Low stimulation. I set tiny goals each day and kept track with a diary, it helped to see things improve slightly most days, not all though.

Big hugs to you and the other new Sarah. It's early days and we will all get there.

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Thank you all for your messages

Gosh it's really hard isn't it and I'm only in

the early stages of recovery

Today's challenge is the vice like pressure

across the front of the head, however

Doctors reassure me I'm past the timeframe

For post op problems so I'll keep soldiering on x

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Sarah - Yes. Pressure head ache. It is constant. I understand. It is unlike the "splitting headache" you have had in the past. I have had this since my NASAH on May 8. The great people on this site have posted comments that have really helped me put this experience in perspective. The only thing that seems to solve that pressure, is sitting down and resting. As soon as I sit down however my kids jump on me! Hang in there Sarah.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all

Sorry not sure how to start a new thread,

Well week 3 & 4 have been tough I've felt

Rotten and week 5 is going the same way

I don't think I've had a day without head pains

This week my ear is blocked!!! I was hoping

To be feeling better but still tacking pain relief

Every 4-6 hours, I had a small bleed and my anni

Clipped I was in hospital for 7 days following

Surgery which when I compare to others on this

Site I've not been through half as much yet

My recovery doesn't seem to be going in the

Right direction! Sorry clearly having a bad day

Today and that's after resting all day.

Thinking of you all and reading your posts when

I'm on my own during the day really helps so thank


Sarahg x

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Hi Sarah,

I am only a little over two months from my NASAH but it is very fresh in my mind the first month. In the hospital I felt safe but once home I cried every day and the fear of dying was all about me. I'm a praying kinda girl so I do quite a bit of that. Dizzy constantly, whooshing feelings in my brain, headaches, the feeling if a rubberband tied around my head. Yes, I still feel like I am wearing a headband most days but finally the headaches are not as bad and now have those sharp dagger type pains. Always tired but I push forward but not too much. Baby steps.

It does slowly get better but feels like forever. Especially, if you were a get up and go type person like me. Sunny days seem to be better than rainy days emotionally and physically.

I have been through frustration, fear, depression, despair, happiness, relief, love, etc.....You get the picture. :). It's an emotional roller coaster and we are either on the same ride or probably been there.

It's wonderful to know you are not alone, and, you are not.


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