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abbreviations - the meanings

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Hi. Can anyone tell me where i can find the meanings of the abbreviations please

I had a SAH so i know that one- however i have no idea about any of the others nasah etc and i would like to learn - on my hospital notes it also says something about msaa and ive no idea what that means hahahaha.

If someone can let me kniw where to find means that would be great Thank You


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NASAH is none anyurism sub arachnoid haemorrhage so a bleed with no known cause, its a bleed that didn't come from an anni, most are self fixing & don't require further preventative measures like clipping or coiling.

oops Penny got there before me, I'm not sure of the other one either (sorry), The only thing I can think of that its something sub arachnoid anni (I would call mine an saa as I didn't have the bleed cos mine was found & clipped before that happened)

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NASAH is a bleed - so it still bleed but it is not caused by “aneurysm”, so they often do not have to be followed up as close later on as it is very unlikely to ever happen again. A NASAH is still as serious as a SAH- any bleeding in the brain is. NASAH can be from a hit in the head, drugs- such as cocaine or stimulants or Arteriovenous malformations a congenital disorder, you are born with it, or bad luck that a vessel ruptured for no apparent reason. The term subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) refers to extravasation of blood into the subarachnoid space between the pial and arachnoid membranes. Spontaneous non-aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (NASAH) instead of an aneurysm-caused subarachnoid hemorrhage. There are other words for NASAH but it is only 7:30 am and I cannot come up with them – Sandi knows them well.

I had a NASAH that was very hard to find, I was ill for months prior but now looking back I am sure it was part chronic fatigue part something more. I had always had low side blood pressure but it was unstable and high to normal but never stable and the same for 6 months or more prior to my NASAH. I still have no answers which can drive me crazy as I felt I had a slow leak looking back at things now. I had to come home as I do post NASAH on my lunch hour and lay down for a nap I was so tired. I had many of the same side effects I have post SAH as I did prior.

But I do not worry I will have another NASAH as that is very unlikely. I can at least let that worry go. But if you have berry aneurysms you I believe need to be followed more closely as you have a condition where more can come or they may know you have some and choose to operate or not. I was not operated on which was a very good things as my bleed was in a location I would have had some very bad brain damage. I think many NASAH bleeds stop on their own- you are monitored until they do? Not sure on that one.

Hope this helps. mary

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