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Hi Everyone

Haven't posted for a while but look in most days to see what's happening. My SAH was in January and I have just started back to work today (in the local college). It's a phased return so just 2 hours three days a week to start with and I managed OK but had a sort of 'spaced out' feeling as if I wasn't really connected to things, especially when people were talking to me.

I had a very frustrating time when I went for my first MRI appt. the other week, it took hours to get to the hospital by train and buses and they didn't even do it! No-one had told the department I needed an X-ray afterwards to check my shunt settings (even though I had phoned to check up beforehand and was told they had all the information) and as it was a 5.15pm appointment it was too late to do it.

By the way, how do you put the emoticons in a message?


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Hi Liz,

Not nice feeling let down by hospital grrr, also smiley faces are at top of page when typing ie font styles etc

also at bottom of page, I do not know how to do them lol

Be Well and try a smile xx

Best wishes

WinB143 xx

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I still have those strange feelings when I am trying to acquire some kind of knowledge and my brain can't handle it at first. It tends to go away as the conversation progresses. Although, I have noticed that new information is harder to get assimilated than before even though all the old stuff that I had pre SAH seems fine now. Relearning to learn is very hard sometimes and requires new techniques that you never had to use before. Just be open to trying a variety of things until you find what works best even if it seems so strange at first.

When you posted 'how do you even write emotions here' I thought you meant real feelings at first. It is just as hard sometimes as finding the emoticons on the left of the page where you write replies :)

Feeling good today for me means:

Clear headedness

faster than usual in the doing and thinking

Emotionally stable and not so labile

no creepy crawly leg sensations after I played cello this AM

On a walk, I didn't feel really tall or have double vision/dizziness


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