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Ebbs and flows of an SAH Day/Week

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Hello all:

I'm wondering if anyone else feels the ebbs and flows of an SAH day or week. What I mean is I can feel perfectly fine at around 1pm and then feel absolutely sick around 6pm. I will call my wife at lunch at 1 o'clock and say Boy I feel great today. And by 6pm I feel nauseous, dizzy, headache, heart racing, weakness and fatigued.

How can this happen in one day? And how can I plan to do something in the evening. After two years I know that this is how it is and won't change. It also happens on a weekly basis also. Great Monday, Tuesday and so on. Thats why I did journal for a time but then found it a waste of time. I'm sure this is why my wife is done sick of me bein sick.

It's just frustrating and hasnt changed in two years. And the definition of insanity is ....

Anyone else feel this way? Does it get better after time?


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Sorry David, think the key is doing too much in afternoon. I need a rest in afternoon or I cannot do anything after 5:00. I pretty much get a WAM around noonish, if I do not listen to my body it only gets worse. Only way it works for me.


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Yeah David I had one just the day but usually only happens two to three times a week, after advice form folk on this forum I have learned to read the warning signs and try to head it off.

Today around 3ish I was checking something out online, reading a letter while referenceing it on line and at the same time my three year old was talking to me when my brain just ceased, couldn't think, i got really frustrated, took a panic attack and was ready to snap so had to get off side before I did.

Took myself off to the bedroom and just sat down for ten minutes which is all I need to come round, I have told my partner to just stay away which I know is hard as she gets really worried but she now does keep her distancewhich helps.

Can't tell you if it gets easier or does go away, only advice I can say is to try and avoid information overload, try to read the signs and act on them, explain to those around you that if you just walk away for no apparnt reason it's because your brain is not functioning and if left alone for a short space of time you might be fine, works for me and can only hope it gets easier for you.

Good luck.

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I agree with Desy, you need to avoid information overload and take I easy when it gets bad. That is the only remedy, I find. I can literally tell it is 5 o'clock everyday because that is when my headache shows up. Depending on the day, it gets worse or normally it is just enough pain to be annoying. I think water and rest is a helper.


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I hope the advice from Brian and Desy helps you, as it's good to know we are not alone.

I am no help at all to you but if you need an ear "Win pulls her ear off "catch David" David drops it and leaves

Win deaf!! (Forgot our Mary xx) !!

In all seriousness David. Hope you feel better soon xx

Be Well

WinB143 xx xx

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what an offer win :)

I notice that it takes me about 2hours to warm-up in the AMs, then I get really cranky if I don't eat lunch on time and then need some down time after about 1/2hour...apparently it takes me a lot of brain power to digest? Anyway, then I pick up or crash depending upon what I attempt to do. I'm usually better by 5-9pm...and then it is that horrid decline until bedtime.

Weekly it is 2-3days after I do something that is new or hard for me and then I am in bed crying for most of the afternoon with my legs feeling like they're going to collapse when I try and get up. Bluh, I HATE those days. OR they come after I have a really good day. I'm all about extremes these days good or bad instead of middle of the road in everything. I want toast or I really, really don't want it. Strange.


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