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All in one week :-)

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Well i have had bad headaches all week because I've been bored so tried to sort out my personal paperwork- 20mins headache stop start stop start grrrrrrr sah is getting me down - BUT on the up side (soooo sarcasric) i got a phone call from my consultant asking me some questions because he was finally filling in my dvla form that i think hes had for about 6wks :-) then i got a letter in from my consultant saying i have an appointment on 19th sept for check up (a meer 4.5mths after being discharged :roll:). Then i receive a letter from my local doctors office saying "since you have recently been discharged from hospital could you make an appointment for a check up" RECENT its been 3.5 mths aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Is it just me ??????

Just as well i have BTG to help me and keep me sane. Its like "ok we have drilled into your skull and fitted a clip so ****** of and have a nice life"

I'm sorry just venting my anger and going slightly mad :-).

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Yes, it is amazing how little you are told, even in other stroke sites I have found, but, I know the bills came like clock work. They did not miss a beat there! Hope you are doing well. My headaches are a little more aggravating than normal but I really think that has to a lot to do with doing more too. It can be a double edged sword sometimes. You want to do more, you do, then pay the consequences. Ugh.

Hope better days are ahead.


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No its not just you but, think its normal for them to wait 3-5 months to see you gives things a chance to settle down.

Your GP you probably handed a letter in on being discharged you probably should have made an apt then well that's what happened to me I needed to go every couple of weeks to get the cert signed then he said why are you here after cant remember how long to get you to sign my sick note Oh that's automatic now - No one told me that..

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Incredibly frustrating isn't it? it's basically all down to us to sort out when it's the last think you feel like doing, all that concentrating and speaking to people!

I finally had a letter through out of the blue for a follow up MRI and went a couple of weeks ago for it, six months after my op! I now have to wait six-eight weeks for the results, I'm working on the assumption that no news is good news, so for once I don't mind if they don't get in touch for eight weeks!!!

Good to have a vent though every now and again for us all, healthy to get it off your chest. Keep your chin up and I'll be channelling postive vibes for you!!

Sarahk xx

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We're still paying for my neuropsychologist that I stopped seeing a year ago and they keep messing up the billing EVERY time. Then my husband calls because I can't handle emotional things and fixes it for another month. I can't wait until all is over with the Dr.s from my SAH. I have only been to my GP this year, so hopefully........


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