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Guest Melisa

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Guest Melisa

Hi, I have not had an SAH, but my mother recently did. She's wonderful, but I am in South Korea, she's in Colorado and I am finding it hard to get all the information I can to help deal with this.

I was home last week and she looked well, but has headaches, which I see is normal, I am worried though that the first 30 days look really critical. Does any one have advice as how to better cope?



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Hi Melisa and welcome! :D

It must be very hard to be such a long way from your Mother at a time like this. Did your Mum have any other physical problems after the SAH? We all vary here with our recovery and some of us have some physical problems that hinder recovery.

Generally, the key to recovery is getting enough rest, not to fight the fatigue and listen to what your body tells you. If you overdo things, you normally find that your brain will try to slow you back down and the headaches kick in. I suppose that the brain is telling you that it needs to heal. After a time, you get used to the warning signs that you're doing too much and you do slow yourself down.

The first three months for me, were the worst ones for my headaches ..... the fatigue was awful .... having a bath would zap most of my energy .... my recovery has been slow and recovery rate is an individual thing really and everybody varies. I hope that any of the other members who read this, will also post a response to you.

http://www.srht.nhs.uk/patient--visitor ... emorrhage/

The above site is a good one to visit and gives you good basic information as what to expect. Sometimes, the information on SAH recovery can seem a little vague, but I suppose it's because recovery is individual and it also depends on how much damage has been done to the brain, where you've had the bleed in the case of an aneurysm etc. It does look as though the first month is the most critical....but hopefully she's taking it easy anyway and she will probably find that her energy levels are very low and will need to rest up.

Hope this helps a little....

Take care

Love Karen x

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Hi Melissa

Andy sent me the information he is talking about and it was a HUGE help. Its alright being told something but when you have it in black and white to refer to during unsure or anxious times its a great great help.

Best wishes

Sami x

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