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Hair loss?

Guest jennybee

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Guest jennybee

Hello All,

Thought I would pass this query on from my mum. She has losing her hair on a grand scale! It isn't comming out in chunks and there don't seem to be roots attached, but when she combs it lots comes out with the comb and wherever she sits she seems to shed. Has anyone else had this? I'm thinking its probably stress or lack of nutrients - any solutions...? Best wishes, Jenny and Mum. PS My dad has been totally bald since a wee boy, so we'd have one head of hair between three!

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Yes, my hair has become a lot thinner since the SAH .... according to my daughter Lauren, I have small bald spots......but think she tells me that to wind me up! :lol: Eric always moans that my hair falls out over his car seat as well! I also seemed to lose quite a bit when washing it, but it seems to have lessened now, but it's still a lot thinner than it was.

The Doc is still testing me for this, among other things.....such as thyroid tests and I'm still taking prescribed calcium and Vit D supplements. It might be worth your Mum asking her GP to do a blood test to rule out any problems.

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Hi Jenny

I found I lost quite a lot of hair in the first few weeks after my SAH but I'm really lucky as I have no bald spots but my hair is definitely thinner.

My hairdresser also noticed that the left side the side were I had surgery grew a lot slower than the right for a few months. Its still not as thick as it used to be but can't complain as used to have to have it cut every three weeks now I last four weeksbetween cuts...

Janet x

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Hi there

I dont remember loosing any hair but mines certainally went weird after the SAH, was a long time before it felt soft even after washing it, it never felt soft......

And I had such an irritable scalp thank-fully that dissapeared.

Take care Jenny & Mum.... :lol:


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