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Hm I've got a shunt & a tube never been told, have to try & mind to ask her next time I'm there, (though some chance of remembering) maybe that's how I always feel even after a check up visit......


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Guest Cathy


I have come in on this discussion a bit late. I go to the dentist and hygenist the dentist is really understanding but the hygenist isn't. I must admit I come home and I feel so ill after it. My head and right hand side feel as if I have been pulled through a hedge backwards. I was wondering would it be better to go every six months or yearly ,decided on six months because less would need doing. Not so long in the horrible chair but it is something I am going to monitor :!:


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Guest Firefly

:D I have a stent and coils, I don't know if that makes a difference? I have been told by my NS and the dentist that I have to take them before dental work so no infection can get into the bloodstream. I will have to do a little research about stent and coils?? Interesting topic though.

Karen, my sis is doing very well after having her 9 teeth pulled last thursday. :D She didn't even have that much pain, just took tylenol. She is on a lot of anti-biotics though, she had a lot of infection! The dentist told her that infection could have made her very ill, even cause a stroke or heart attack if let go too long. Glad she is finally getting it taken care of!!

Take care of those teeth!! :D Radiaton and dye's are making mine bad! :(

I am making an appointment soon to get mine cleaned, feels good!!! :P

Take care, Tricia

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All this talk of teeth and drilling is making my hair stand up on end!! I last went to the dentist but only for a check up and clean pre sah, although she did say that I would need fillings in the near future and I haven't yet plucked up the courage to go!! that was nearly two years ago :lol::lol: As for antibiotics, I have been told that should I ever need 'dental surgery' then I would have to take them, something to do with oral bacteria being really good at attacking the heart, but thats only bcause I have a prolapsed mitral valve. I don't think they recommend it general dentistry :?:

Vic x

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