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crackling sensation - Janes


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Hi all

I had my SAH over three years ago - I now have an almost continuous crackling sensation that moves up through my nose and behind my eyes. It always happens when i move my neck - but it is also always present when I lie down and am very still - sometimes it seems to be accompanied by pressure and is mostly uncomfortable but quite often leads to a bad headache

Doctors keep coming back to sinus trouble and treating me with nasal medicines but I am not convinced

The neurologist said she had never heard anyone complain of this before and I was wondering if anyone else has anything similar?

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Hi :) a very warm welcome to BTG !

When I move my neck around, it still makes lots of small crackling noises sort of inside my head. They were much louder the first few years after my surgery. Its almost a groinching crackling noise. It does not happen when still nor do I feel any pressure.

I always put it down to my surgery which was the brain stem area.

I also used to get sudden loud high pitched noises in my ears, so loud sometimes would make me jump !

Hope you get some answers as sounds most uncomfortable.

Take care.

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