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has any one help me out?

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I hada left middle cerebral aneurysm two years ago which was coiled. I feb a had a bad headache and i was send for an MRI. the result got lost and was found last week my gp is trying to get hold of my nerosurgen and neurologest with no sucess the copy of the MRI report i have receved say there was a remainant left which was left has growen and needs to be followed up.

I am now of work as the headaces are to bad for me to work




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Hi Ursula-I am really sorry to hear of your troubles.

Losing the result of an MRI and then 5 months later to tell you that you need some further treatment is very poor.

When you say a remnant has grown-do you mean that the original aneurism has extended ?

I am assuming that you are likely to need some further coiling work.

Surely the neurospecialist should be chasing this up not the GP?

Anyway-at least they have found a cause for the continuing headaches and I hope they can sort you out soon to give you some relief.

All the best

Andy P

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Hi Ursula,

Really sorry to hear what's happened .... hope that you get some news soon .... I also have a neck left on my aneurysm which hasn't been coiled and obviously leaves a weakness......you can see the angio photos in the photo album on the website .... I have had that for nearly 2 years and nothing has happened to me ... when I found that out, I was scared to say the least, but I had another MRA at the beginning of this year and they said that they still considered it to be satisfactory. I do still suffer from weird heads and have been plagued with dizziness.....but if anything kicked off, I would go straight to A & E ....

Try to keep calm, pursue your GP to make contact with the Neurosurgeon and make sure that you rest up....as the stress won't help .... I know how scared you must be feeling. When I had another scare in Aug 2006, my GP sent me straight to the hospital, there was no messing around this time....

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Hi Ursula

Hope you get success with being referred back to the Neuro's soon, as Karen says keep pursuing it with your G.P.

Fingers crossed for you that you soon get the treatment you need to sort out the problem.

Take care


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Re: Remnant

My discharge papers also talk about a remnant. In my case this was a bulge that remained or pop out from when they did the clipping. My nurse said it was like putting a barret on your finger. The clip won't seal the whole thing if it is too big and a part of it might bulge out. They ended up coiling my remnant so I have a clip and a coil on the same annie.


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