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My story

Guest wendyseptember

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Guest wendyseptember

I think it was then I thought something wrong here...........I can remember asking the nurse to turn the lite off as hurtin my eyes... then being whisked away...into this room for a scan......well I did freak as I suffer from agrophiobia when I saw the machine but was assured that only my head would go in. well I manage to get through that.

Not sure about the time...till a doctor came in to tell me the results. that I had a SAH...., and had this Happened before...which of course I said ..Yes

just before Xmas.

Well.....thats enough for now did not realise that re-living this would make me feel this way.


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Hi Wendy

Thanks for sharing with us, these things are traumatic try not to let it get you down. You have come through it, whilst things on this side are undoubtedly tough as they say things can only get better!!!

Thanks again, keep up the good progress

Big Hugs

Aine xox

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Hello Wendy,

its great that you can share your experience with us, it can be good therapy to write our experiences down although painful too!

This is a lovely site, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Where do you come from?

Its loveley to hear from you.

Speak soon,

Love Suexx

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