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Decisions, decisions, decisions

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Well Annie has had her continuous care agreed. The decision about her discharge has it seems been made as we are meeting with a Care Home manager on Friday. Although we are waiting for an adapted property, it looks like they want Annie to go there in the interim, max of three months. I made her a promise that this wouldn't happen but it seems it may be our only option.


I have been told that Annie is to have a EEG, an angiogram and a super pubic catheter fitted and this can be done as a day patient. Decisions, decisions, decisions. It's not easy is it.
Her confusion and delusions appear to be caused by temporal lobe epilepsy hence the EEG, plus a urine infection due to catheterisation.


Has anyone had any experience of reflexology and SAH.

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Hi Chris

Progress of a sort but I know you are just keen to get Annie home.


I haven't had reflexology since my SAH as I have actually found my feet are super sensitive and anything that stimulates the senses too much can be quite intense for me so I would just say be aware of that if you are considering for Annie. Gentle shoulder massages and aromatherapy have been ok for me.


I think Win mentioned a urine infection may be worth checking so good they have picked that up , hope that improves things .

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Hi Chris,


I had a urinary tract infection alias a UTI  (it sent me out like a light). You are not with it when you have this.

Doc came in and said to my hubby "she'd be better off without it" but it was down to my hubby and daughter

I am told the Doc took it out and I went ahhh and fell asleep, none I remember until I had shunt fitted.


I wish Annie well and hope all goes well for you both.





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I have not done reflexology as my feet are super sensitive as well.  I would go through the roof!  Actually, my reflexes have reverted back to the ones newborn babies have when the sole of the foot is stroked...I push my toes back instead of curl them over.  Anyway, everyone is unique, but definitely take oversensitivity into account.


I volunteer at an inpatient rehab now and I can tell you that many survivors need extra rehab/recovery time.  Don't feel bad about this.  Think about the long term recovery and not the short term.  This is hard.  We all want to get home ASAP, but sometimes the best option is also the most uncomfortable or least desirable at the time.


Hope the recovery progresses quickly.


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