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Screening on Tuesday ARGGGGGHHH

Guest Clare

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So on tuesday I am having my CT Angio at Addenbrookes.

Mum is coming with my nan too, so they can look after babies, while i get zapped.

I'm so scared, I am not going to enjoy the needle, it's rather large I've been told.

I dont really want to know what could be lurking in my brain. :roll:

Wish me luck

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Claire, It's a tiny needle - the size of a blood test one....and it'll be all over in 15 minutes. Try not to worry about it too much.

Ok, so its not a fun experience, but on a scale it's still better than any waxing I've had!

As fo what may or may not be lurking, I must confess that I have had a few sleepless nights about that myself - Just try to focus on the fact the chance of that is incredibly tiny...

I was supposed to get my results on Monday but they have cancelled and rescheduled it to the week after - I take that as a good sign :D

Take care


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Thanks for you're support everyone, and thanks Hannah for telling the truth about the needle.

I have been thinking about why I'm so worried, I thought it was the needle but no, I've had 2 babies.

I hate the fact that something could be picked up on, worst of all if it's too small to operate on. I know that in reality there's a very tiny chance of anything being wrong. I guess it's also the fact that it's prolonging the whole SAH experience.

I really don't relish the sensations of the dye either.

I know I have no right to complain, everyone on here has been through so much more than me. Just nervous I guess. :roll:

I let you know how it goes x

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Hi Clare,

You have every right to complain, be nervous, worried about the outcome etc.....it's only natural and you're no different than the rest of us ...we've all been affected by aneurysms/SAH's whether directly or indirectly through a relative. You are very brave to undertake this test ... I admire you for that and you're bound to feel the way that you do now....even after having the many tests that I've had, I still feel worried and nervous...don't think that I'll ever get used to those feelings.

Let's hope that nothing is found and you will find some peace of mind .... Good luck and I'll be thinking of you....xxx

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Hi Clare

I echo what Karen says, you have every right to complain.

I was in a real state before my Angio and on the day itself things ddn't quite go to plan. But don't let that put you off. I am quite a fatty and there was scarring from before and even though the experience was not the nicest one I've ever had. Its definitely not the norm and it hasn't put me off. I'd be anxious but realistically it has to be done.

My recommendation is definitely have a good pee before you go. :lol: That is my lasting memory if I'm honest.

Good Luck and We'll be thinking of you. I haven't had kids yet but I imagine thats a zillion times worse.

Love and hugs.

Aine xox

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Well I did it!

I was fine all morning, mainly because I was kept busy getting the babes and everything ready.

As soon as I reached the scan dept. doors it all sunk in and I started panicking.

Sitting in the waiting area, I was watching my mum and kate and thought how far she has come, taking all the horrors in her stride. I have to be strong for her. They called me in and as I walked down the coridor past all the scan rooms, I could see straight ahead a room with beds in and a lady, who later I found out was in recovery from coiling. :shock: Bless her!

I was sat in a chair in the middle of an empty room and the radiologist was very disorganised searching for needles and things. Eventually she did find all of the stuff she needed. In went the needle, it was as expected and then she started fuffing around, removing the needle because she had split the vein :roll:.

On to the other arm, I was thinking what the heck she was going to do if she messes this one up. She said she thought its o.k.

Into the scanning room and she got me on the bed then realised I had to take off my necklace. She tried and couldn't. So I had to do it. She said I could move my arms but that was easier said than done. :)

Finally when I was all connected up to the pump off she goes behind her bomb proof wall. She had raised me up so I was inches below the scanner, I was reading a label saying do not stare at the laser. GREAT now I won't be able to not look at it and I'll come out of here blind ! :D

Then her voice boomed in which is when I nearly jumped out of my skin and she said the dye was going in.

In it went and oh my god, I felt hot like I was burning and then I "wet myself" and then my throat closed up. Aren't I such a drama queen. Then it was all done. Tube was removed and I was plastered up on both sides, I couldn't get out quick enough, with the radiologist telling me to keep an eye on the ruptured vein and keep putting pressure on it.

So typically the whole thing could have gone smoother and I just hope her photography skills are better than her injecting ones :D

Now we just have to await results.

Mum has her MRI soon and the GP has given her diazapan (sp?). She's already really frightened about it.

I don't know how to keep her calm :?

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Well done Clare! .... you were very brave .... it's not something that you ever get used to ..... I tend to have the same needle experience as you did.

In some hospitals, they will let a friend/relative stay in the room whilst you're having the MRI .... I know that at my last scan, Eric could have come in as well.

Bet you're just relieved that the scan is over and done with ..... I'll keep everything crossed for you. xx

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