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SSDI - disability

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I'm in the states and have applied for disability. I've been deined twice. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

I did get a lawyer, Binder & Binder. I heard that was the way to go. I've had a neuro-physc test 10/2013. Failed it terribly. Ten months after my NASAH. All my docs/hospital have been good with paper work/forms, etc.

My hubby has to do all the work, paperwork and communications.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

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I think someone on here frrom the States has just been awarded disability. Hopefully they will see this thread and reply.

As we are UK based nothing is the same.

Are there any US forums that can give disability advice? We have plenty of UK based ones so there should be some US based ones out there. 

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Good morning Ponigirl - I saw your post regarding disability this morning and think maybe I am the one mentioned in a response about having just been granted ssdi.  So then I checked your posts and found this one that I missed somehow.  First of all I want to say that you are definitely sounding better than I have seen in the past!  I'm so happy about that.  Good job for seeing a sykiatrist (lol...jk..it's such a hard word to spell) and trying antidepressants.  I'm not a doctor but have a lot of experience with antidepressants for one of my sons and myself.  They seem to work differently on each person.  I took one for a while that worked great but when they tried it on my son he went whacky.  Make sure you take exactly as prescribed and don't suddenly stop taking.  Work closely with your doctor.  It does take 3 or more weeks for antidepressants to build in your system and actually seem to lift you out of the depression.  Please don't give up trying to make yourself feel better.  


The brain bleed thing is nuts, isn't it?  I still don't get it and am daily surprised by the "new" Carolyn.  I think we can work on accepting and getting to know our new selves and maybe love ourselves.  What do you think?


Yeehah on getting a haircut.  I haven't done it yet and really really want to.  Going very short to match the shaved side.  I know it will feel so much better.  I also am very upset about not being able to work.  I, of course, lost my job too as I suddenly stopped showing up one day in June.  It makes me sad when I think about it even though I complained about working for a long time!  lol


So...SSDI...I probably can't help much with that as our Government system for practically everything seems very nuts to me.  I am 61, have worked with health insurance for 15 years or more and ran into a lot of incidences in which some went through and others fought and fought and it might never have gone through.  Makes absolutely no sense.  You probably would agree with me that there are a LOT of people collecting that money that have no business doing so.  Right?  


When I kind of came to my new senses after a 4 week coma and another 2-1/2 weeks in hospital as a lunatic - lol - my husband told me the hospital had started the process for ssdi for me.  I, with my knowledge history of ssdi, was immediately skeptical.  I thought they were nuts for even thinking I'd ever get approved for that.  I kind of just let it unfold between my husband and a social worker at the hospital.  6 months went by and then I got a letter saying I had to go see a psychiatrist (why?!?!-lol).  So I did.  He asked me a lot of questions regarding my coma, my balance, my medications, my headache (very bad one) and my memory loss.  When I mentioned (not on purpose I swear!) that I have left the stove burners on he stood up, shook my hand, and said I would hear in a few weeks.  I still didn't believe it would happen.


Last week - Dec. 31st actually, I woke up to my first payment in my account.  I don't even know how it happened.  I'm glad!  My husband gets a small retirement and his SS as he retired early at 62.  I have no income.  I know how you feel.  We have really suffered and it will be quite a while before we even get back to "even".  


I guess I'm saying Don't give up.  Make sure all of your medical records are being reviewed.  Make sure SSI understands your current income situation.  Sometimes agencies get hung up on "last year's tax return" which would obviously be better than this one will be. Crank as much paperwork at them as possible.  Medical records are vital.  Since you have a history of problems I think it would be great if you send them your entire medical history.  Doctors/hospitals will help you with that.


Good luck!  Try not to get stressed, angry or depressed.  The most important thing is that you begin to feel better and heal.  Let your attorney deal with the SSDI.  I certainly wish the best and will keep you in my thoughts each day.  Here's toasting you a wonderful 2015 and the most beautiful haircut EVER!


Love, Carolynusa

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Mario- thanks for that site, my husband had gone over it before he applied for me. It has some good information.


Carolyn- I am so happy that you got SSDI so quickly and easily. I do agree that there are way too many people that got approved and should not have been!! Yet I get denied and should have been approved. Its like having SAH and all the problems that go along with it is not bad enough- then to be denied- Twice!!!!  Just not fair- but I'm not giving up. I am lucky that my husband handles all that kind of stuff- because it is way out of my possibilities.  I honestly don't know what I would do without him. He is great at sending the lawyer and SSDI a copy of every doctor visit or updates. 


So at this point it is just a waiting game to hear from SSDI as to when I go before the judge.


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