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My Dad

Guest Suzefudge

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Guest Suzefudge


I've been on this site a few times but not been brave enough to say hello yet!

My dad became ill on 17th September, he was ill for two days, confused but not majorly so. Oddly I don't even remeber him complaining about a headache, but he was having trouble with his balance. On the Wednesday I was round at Mum and Dad's and he seemed fine, no confusion whatsoever.

But by Thurs he was ill enough for my mum to ring the GP who, despite being our family doctor for over 20years, didn't take her seriously. My mum did manage to get an appointment for the out of hours service at the hospital but when me and my boyfriend got round to give him a lift he wouldn't come with us. I was v worried by this point as he was slurring his words and much of what he said didn't even make sense. I rang for an ambulance, but he wouldn't go with them either. So they rang an emergency doctor, when he turned up my dad actually seemed better, but I think he knew straight away that he'd suffered a haemorrhage and managed to persuade my dad that he needed to go to hospital straight away. Once there he deteriorated again. First the doctors were talking about putting him on a ward, but a call from the emergency doctor meant he soon went for a scan. We were told he'd come back to the side room we were in, but they put us in a relatives room and told us that he'd suffered a bleed and that they were going to sedate him and put him on a venilator, they also told us that they hoped to transfer him to hope hospital, which was confirmed within half an hour. He was moved that night to their ICU. The next morning they coiled the annuerism and told us there was just the one. Then later that day they put in a drain.

He spent the best part of that week on ICU, was then transferred to HDU where he began to come round (and had to have his hands bandaged to stop him pulling out all his tubes etc), he spent another week on here before being transferred to a normal ward and then finally onto a rehab ward. He was on here for a week and by this time was talking, eating and doing well with the physio.

He then got an infection which led to blood poisoning. This meant he was moved back to HDU (for a matter of hours), then ICU (where he was put on a ventilator again). Thankfully after a few days he seemed to be getting over this, talking a bit etc, and was moved back to a ward. He was on this ward for nearly two weeks, during this time they did a lumbar puncture as they were worried he was sleeping too much, but they decided he didn't need a shunt after all and after a few days was transferred back to the rehab ward.

This was on Friday. On Saturday after visiting we get a call to say that one of the other patients had punched my dad in the face whilst my dad was asleep. Thankfully it was just a ****** nose and a cut lip.

Then over the last few days the doctors have decided they are worried about his sleeping again and are reconsidering a shunt, he hasn't had any physio on the rehab ward cos they now don't wanna do anything untill they get the latest scan results back.

It's just so frustrating cos it feels like everytime he's getting somewhere he gets held back.

And my mum isn't really coping and I'm struggling to know how to help her.

I'm pretty sure I had a question before I started saying all this but I've forgotten now! It helps reading other peoples stories and its actually helped telling my dad's too.

Suze x

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Hi Suze and welcome

I'm so glad that you found us and the site has been of some help to you. It sounds as though your dad is a fighter he's been through an awful lot in the last few weeks but it does sound as though the medical staff are keeping a close watch on him.

Recovering from a SAH is a very individual thing and we all progress at different rates probably the severity of the bleed also plays a part in how quickly people recover.

My heart goes out to you and your family at this trying time and hopefully that soon you will start to see more of an improvement in your dad.

Take care of yourself and your mum

Janet x

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Hi there

And welcome to the site, I'm glad you found us.

Sorry to hear your Dad's going through a bit of a rough time as are the rest of your family.

Yes recovery is so much an individual thing, for every 5 steps forward there's seems to be as much back the way and recover does take a long time, just being there for your Mum is helping her I'd guess, but you look after yourself too.

Take care and hope to hear from you again soon


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Hi there

Welcome to the site and the family.

Sorry to hear that your Dad has been through so much on top of his SAH.

If there's one thing I've learnt from mine is that patience definitely is a virtue. Recovery is as different in everyone as the favourite food. Don't get disheartened by Docs who give recovery expectency and deadlines - it's rubbish - Louise and Aine are definite proof of that and definitely an inspiration.

We're always here if you want to ask any questions or just sound off any frustration and anger (believe me - we've all been there).

Most importantly, make sure that you look after yourself - yo're no use to your Mum or Dad if you don't get enough rest.

Take care and speak soon - keep us posted on your Dad.

Love Sami xxx

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Hi Suze,

Good to hear from you, Sorry its in such circumstances, with so much happening it can be quite an isolating and frightening time.

I Def think this time is much worse for you guys, I remember nothing about my HDU days I to was also pulling out the drain apparently I think I was also a bit nasty to my Husband (Not my family for some reason) And I was really horrible to a particular nurse. The Staff are used to this sort of behaviour and realise its not intentional and for you and your Mum to realise this is still very very early days.

I was out last Christmas, and quite frankly still a bit doolally, Now a year on I don't really remember last christmas but this year I am in the process of getting my license etc sorted and my life back on track.

What I'm saying is just be there for you're Mum and Dad. Don't take everything the Doc's say as written in stone. But they have been through this before and are able to give you guidelines about what to expect.

Good Luck will be thinking of you and your family.

Aine x

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Guest Suzefudge

Thanks for all the reassuring comments. Just a waiting game now :roll:

Sorry it's taken so long to reply. Between work and hospital I don't really have much spare time!

Suze x

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