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Leg and feet pain

Guest mollie

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Hi everyone. Wonder if I can pick your brains for a minute.

I went out into town this morning................by myself............. had a few errands to go. By the time I got halfway to town my legs were aching..........thigh area. As i walked farther and farther to do my errands the pain got worse and worse. Everything done, I came home. It took me forever as it is all uphill. Once i got home my feet started to hurt and my head was pounding. I was really scared in case my other anny was about to rupture. You are wondering...why not get a cab...............well by the time I would have got to the taxi rank I would be half way home or ring one and a long wait and would be home quicker. This has happened before but this was the worst. Has this happened to anyone else. Or possibly its nothing to do with my aneurysms

Mollie xxx

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Hi Mollie

I had problems walking any distance for quite a few months after my SAH and my legs and feet used to feel like lead weights if I walked too far. I also used to have a pounding head.

It could just be that even though you think its a short walk into town your body obviously disagrees with you. Weather permitting find a bench/wall or a cafe for a breather before attempting the uphill walk home. Either that or get family or friends to run your errends for you.

Hope you're managing to get plenty of rest.

Janet x

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Hey there

I started walking the 1 and a half miles to work (I'm 16 months in now) and my thighs and shins were aching and the head was hurting too. I think that any exercise gets the blood pumping and the wasted muscle I had from losing a stone in hospital has yet to be built up again. I did feel better for it after a couple of days or so and it definitely got easier - however now the nights are drawing in it's getting dark by the time I leave and I don't fancy walking in the dark.

Hope this helps

Sami xxx

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