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Self Worth

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I just wanted to share something with evryone.

I have been seeing a shrink for my emotions post SAH. So much to deal with and we have stumbled onto something I never knew about me.

I have always been someone who strives for the best. I was a high performance athlete, I was always the top of my company and I am genrally someone who likes to get things done. Well now, I am less able to "do" things and I am having a very hard time accepting that I might be average.

I never realised that my worth can't be measured by the things I do. I just am worthy. Does that make sense to you?

My shrink put it this way. If a bar of gold walked into his office and starting crying about all the things worng in his live, my shrink would say" Dude, you are a bar of gold."

We are all bars of gold. Some of us have a few dings and scratches, but we are all bars of gold with an incredible value!

Have a great day!


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Hi Linda,

That's a great way of putting things! It can take quite a while to accept the person that we are now and I still get days when I can kick against it ... then suffer....but, nothing ventured, nothing gained! :lol

I would imagine that quite a few of us strived to be "Superwoman or Superman" pre-SAH, I know that I did and I can only probably achieve a third of what I used to do and that's on a good day ..... but most days, I don't mind that fact .... when I get the down days, then I do ..... but, I like to think that's a normal response to feeling low.

Take care...xx

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