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What your Benefits entitle you to!

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If you are now on Benefits, You May be entitled to some extra concessions.

it will depend on your Benefit but things that spring to mind are.

Concessions/free study at local college outreach centre.

City Council Concessions. (Especially Sports and Leisure) Aberdeen have an access to leisure card one of the perks is free swimming. and concession rates on cups of tea. :D

Every area is different. So have a look and see what else you could be entitled too.


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I was able to get a GP referral to my local sports centre .... I believe that this is only available in certain areas, as it's locally council funded. However, I was able to have access to a 1-1 trainer (who was used to working with people with brain injury), using equipment, such as treadmill, rowing machine, weights, swiss ball etc at a much reduced price, over a period of about 12 weeks.

It's well worth asking your GP about this scheme, if you're interested in improving any physical limitations that you're experiencing, since the SAH.

My Trainer also used to work with groups of people from our local Headway Organisation .... so, it could be worth getting in contact with the Headway charity, if you don't get any joy with the GP.


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I was also referred by my GP to the local gym but they refused to even assess me as my balance is too bad and they have not got the staff for one to one. I even said I would take someone with me, but that was a no no. Now they have moved to a larger place I have been referred again, so I will wait and see what happens.

The one thing I can do is water aerobics 'cos the water balances me. I go to a private swim school with our local stroke support group and it is geared to stroke victims. It is not cheap although there is some funding to help but we have to pay the shortfall ourselves.

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