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Hi All!

Guest Jeanette

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Guest Jeanette

Hello...I am Jeanette.

I have been reading many of your comments on this forum, but I was reluctant to sign on until now. The reason? Well, I am not as computer litereate as many of you clearly are, and also, I find reading, and responding to any posts very difficult. I have trouble using my eyes for long, so I just sort of 'dip' in and out occasionaly!

I will not make a long introduction...(well, actually, my husband is typing this for me anyway!), initially; I will make small posts with information about me....by installments if you like!

I will however give my support to the forum...I am pleased that there is some means of contact between those of us who have been victims to SAH.

I will try and post some more tomorrow....please dont reply with long complex posts.....have pity on a computer beginner!

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Hi Jeanette, a warm welcome to the site!

I will look forward to reading your instalments and will try to keep any replies brief......but I can be a bit of a waffler!! :lol:

I'm sure that you will end up being a bit of a whizz on the computer, once you get going!

Can I ask you how you found out about this site?

Catch you later,

Love Karen x :D

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Hi Jeanette,

I too was like that with the computer it all took time a patience for me.

I find long answers hard too with my memory on saying that I tend to be a rambler

Anyway I'll stop there, nice to hear from you

Take care

Louise.x :wink:

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