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Guest beluvid1

Hello Everybody..

I woke up one morning 3 yrs ago around 4 a.m. just to use the bathroom (so I thought), I didnt have a "thunderclap" headache; I got up from the toilet and I heard or felt 2 "pops" inside my head. The room started to spin and I had a strange metallic taste in my mouth. I sank to my knees and crawled across the hallway into my sons room, after that every thing was such a blur. I had suffered 2 ruptured aneurysms and stroke, which I still don't know if you have a SAH, if stroke is a given, I just never asked. All I clearly remember is waking in a hospital in the city of Chicago, 90 miles from my home, to a Neurosurgeon with tears slowly trickling down his cheeks! I was 47 years old. The more I learn, the more I understand the mans tears. I am truly blessed. It has taken some time for me to really explore the subject and read about others experiences, but I'm getting stronger and proud to know you all.



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Hi Susy,

It's really nice to meet you and thanks for telling us your story. Are you left with any sort of disability since the SAH? I'm 15 months into my recovery, but still have eyesight and balance problems. My own recovery has been pretty slow and still have days where the fatigue is a big problem. I've had to learn to pace myself! :)

Anyway, in the middle of cooking, so will catch you later!

Hope that the day is being kind to you!

Lots of Love Karen x :D

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Hi Susy

Welcome aboard. I don't know about everyone else but this site has been a godsend to me.

I had two aneurysms one burst and one not. Like you I felt the pop in the back of my head and then passed out. When I came to I couldn't feel the right side of my body and then the thunderclap headache hit me. I can't remember anything after that until I woke up in the hospital a day and a half later. I was on holiday in Devon, England at the time and was taken to Barnstaple hospital, checked, scanned and then transfered to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, England. They had the choice to send me via helicopter or ambulance and chose the ambulance. From the time my anuerysm burst to the time they operated was about 14 hours so I try to take some comfort from knowing that it wasn't serious enough for me to be 'rushed' to hospital and operated on immediately. I've had no physical side affects apart from the headaches and tiredness. I've been told by the time I reached the hospital I was repsonding to the questions being asked me and answering questions my husband couldn't answer. I was pushing and pulling with both sides as and when asked to.

I sometimes feele blessed and then other times feel so angry that this has happened to me as I feel it has taken so much from me.

Nice to meet you and hopefully you'll get to know us all a lot better.

Love Sami xxx

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