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I love this forum.

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Reasons why.

1. Nice people

2. Mine of information

3. Support

4. A sense of belonging

5. Inspiration in the things I read and people I speak with

6. Karen started it!

7. I can moan

8. Honest comments on stuff I write

9. Everyone is welcome and everyone here is welcoming

10. It provides a support group that is sadly lacking within the NHS

How about your reasons?

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Hi Andy-well from my view point I wanted to share as much as I could because it seems there is a lack of info out there that is readily available.

I think sharing your experiences and concerns with kindred spirits is a therapy in itself!

I think that it is important to be totally honest with everyone and offer encouragement-I find the support from others is fantastic.

There is now input from across the globe which is wonderful-yet I feel part of a community of really nice folk whether it is fellow sufferers or their carers.

I like the articles-thought provoking and inspirational and encouraging!

Best wishes



Sorry we didn't get to chat the other night-it gets difficult when there are several in the room..but still fun!

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I love this forum because, yes, we can be totally honest with each other abuot how we feel now, how things make us feel etc without having to sensor for the sake of not wanting to upset family and friends.

I love this forum because it helps me to come to terms with what has happened to me through others who have had the same experience.

I love this forum because I have found friends that even though I have never met, I care about and they care about me.

I love this forum because we can drop in and out to 'see' people whenever we want and we are always welcome.

I love this forum cos you guys are the best :wink:

Love Sami xx

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Because I can talk again and again with all of you about something that has already been said in the "real" world and people there don't know how to deal with it any more.

Because you are all genuinely interested in helping and learning.

Because there is no judgement about the ups and downs.

Because there is a BIG lack of support for SAH in the states.

Because I have friends abroad that I didn't have before.

Because SAH is a PROCESS, not an event in my past, and no one (NO ONE) understands that like you guys do!!!!!

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Perhaps I shouldn't post....as I might seem biased! :lol:

But I love this forum because:- I've met some very lovely people, that have continued to inspire me......I don't feel alone anymore....I realise that there's always somebody worse off than me.....the more we share, the more we learn....it helps my day, especially if it's a bad one.....it makes life seem worthwhile again....

Love you all,

K x :)

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