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Leg Pains after SAH

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Hi there yes sitting in a chair for long periods can cause that pain it happens to me occasionally however that also happens to my mum and dad and they haven't had a sah so it possibly could just be caused by being less active for a period of time (the bottom of my back hurts aswell after sitting) speak to your Dr if you are at all concerned though xxx

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I used to get pains so I started to twist my ankles in circles and do feet movement.  I cannot walk very far so I do all I can to keep legs from getting stiff, I even do a tap dance sitting down,  not a pretty sight lol


Oh Also I have an electrical pedal you put feet in it and it helps you get legs moving, unless someone in my house decides to put it on fast  lol and then I look like something out of a silent movie.  It all helps xx


Good luck Hopkins we will get there.  See a Doc if worried always !! put mind at ease xx


Win xx

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