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Travel Insurance for Brits travelling abroad

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We have always been fortunate to get standard cover on a credit card without extra costs or restrictions , whilst advising all my and especially Irene's pre existing medical conditions. Understandably, there were periods soon after new conditions were diagnosed when cover was excluded ,whilst the related treatment settled down.


Those surrounding her TIA and heart pacemaker spring to mind, but cover was soon restored, so that we have continued to visit and travel extensively around 38 States of USA - often considered a bugbear for UK travel insurers - and elsewhere.


It was no surprise, that her SAH in Florida May 2015 would upset, or more likely prevent our routine trips across the pond. Naturally the associated conditions were excluded, but they also chose to immediately exclude virtually all those conditions which they previously covered which was unexpected.


Now , fifteen months later, I didn't know what to expect concerning SAH cover, but thought they would now restore all the other conditions. It was not to be for any of them. 


This prompted me to contact a broker we used once before during a "closed" period from the credit card insurer. I emailed a summary of conditions, dates diagnosed, medicines taken, monitoring schedules and our dates of birth - we are both aged 71 now - an added difficulty in terms of insurance. A long 'phone call followed, screening each condition and expanding the information I had provided.


They would contact an insurer they had in mind and would 'phone back in 10 minutes or so. I expected it to take longer, but within minutes, 'phoned back to say yes, cover would be available - even for USA !


There is no doubt it is expensive, but it seems astonishing that it is available at all, especially so soon after her bleed.

So, tomorrow I shall book flights, house rental , car rental etc for a return to Florida , a destination we never expected to be able to visit again.


I don't yet know the underwriter/insurer accepting the risk.


The broker's name has been removed by mod as it is advertising, yet there are many instances of the names of insurers having been given on this site. The sole purpose of this posting was to help others in a similar position by pointing them in the direction of just one possible source.

Ah well, might as well delete this post as it is of no benefit to anyone.



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I have a coil and shunt, been taken off hospital list so I see Doc if anything wrong and he will phone Hospital  and so on.


My Hubby says the insurance for me is steep or is he tight lol


Cannot sit in Sun anymore so need to go somewhere peaceful for my first holiday and build up ie Britain and local.  Just to gain confidence.







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Hi Peter,


I'm truly sorry if you feel upset that one of our Moderators has removed the individual brokers name that you used and it's never our intention to upset any member.  Insurance brokers can be found in most areas.


The use of an insurance broker will help to do the leg work on a persons behalf, if needed, but often a broker will charge a fee for their services, so hence the edit to your post. 


If you let us know what insurance company your broker has used to underwrite the travel policy, once you know, that would be absolutely fine and I hope that you will let us know, as it's very helpful information. Many thanks. 







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